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Southwest Pennsylvania Railroad May 22, 2010

by Chris Guenzler

The RDC took us north under the former Western Maryland Trestle to the Youghiogheny River.

Views as we crossed the Youghiogheny River.

The Southwest Pennsylvania Railroad engines were here to follow us back to Dunbar when we got finished here and then take the RDC across the CSX Tracks back to their own line to Scottsdale where we would reboard the RDC this afternoon so we could continue the trips north of the CSX mainline.

The former Western Maryland Trestle across the valley we came down.

Crossing the Youghiogheny River. At the south end we detrained for posed pictures and a Photo Runby.

The posed pictures on the Youghiogheny River Bridge.

The former Western Maryland Trestle.

The Photo Runby across the Youghiogheny River Bridge and under the former Western Maryland Trestle. We all reboarded for Dunbar. The RDC returned us to Dunbar where two school buses would take us back to our cars in Uniontown.

The coke oven in Dunbar.

In Dunbar we said goodbye to our RDC and knew we would be meeting it again in Scottsdale this afternoon. The school buses returned us to Uniontown where Randy and I first went back to the motel so I could recharge my computer. Next we got Arby's to go and started the drive north to Scottsdale.

Two views of the former Western Maryland Station in Connellsville. From here we drove to Scottsdale and parked across the street from the station there.

Views of the RDC at Scottsdale.

A Southwest Pennsylvania Railroad Caboose.

Southwest Pennsylvania Railroad 2003.

Southwest Pennsylvania Railroad 2001.

Southwest Pennsylvania Railroad 2002.

RDC and Station at Scottsdale.

Station at Scottsdale.

More views of the RDC.

Two passenger cars in Scottsdale in pretty bad shape. Back at the RDC we left with everyone onboard ten minutes early and headed south down the former B&O towards Broadford.

The RDC passed beneath the trestle of the Wheeling & Lake Erie Railroad.

A few minutes later we arrived at the end of Southwest Pennsylvania Railroad Track at Broadford. This signal protects the CSX mainline at Broadford. Here we detrained for posed pictures.

The RDC at Broadford.

Our group at Broadford.

An old factory building.

The CSX mainline at Broadford.

Another view of the RDC at Broadford.

Bart Jennings at Sodomy.

The RDC at Sodom.

Our group at Broadford.

Two more RDC views at Broadford.

The RDC then left Broadford.

Took us back under the trestle of the Wheeling & Lake Erie Railroad.

By the industry in Everson.

Past some homes in Scottsdale.

We went by the junction with the ex Pennsylvania Railroad Line to Connellsville which we will be riding first thing tomorrow.

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