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NRHS Susquehanna Limited June 22, 2010

by Chris Guenzler

I got up at the Radisson Lackawanna Hotel in Scranton and went down to see what was available for a light breakfast. I bought a small cinnamon roll and went back to the room and worked on stories for a few minutes. I then packed up and went down to the boarding area behind the hotel for the trip to Sudbury. Here I waited with man of my NRHS friends who I only see once a year, Bart Jennings was here so I knew when we board the train stay close to Bart. The train arrived at the boarding area late and they only used two doors to load the train. I followed Bart to the CNJ 550 and sat in front of him for our trip.

Trip Background

Our first 2010 NRHS Convention Trip, a rare mileage trip, will depart Scranton and transverse the Canadian Pacific "Sudbury Sub" from Scranton to the outskirts of Sudbury, PA. This scenic route follows the Susquehanna River for much of the 70 miles trip southwest. This line has not seen a passenger train in over 50 years.

The Trip

The train consisted of Delaware & Hudson Engines 7312 and 7304, Coaches CNJ 1152, DL&W 589, 550 and 580, CNJ 1157 and 1026, CNJ Combine 303, NKP 211 City of Lima and Lehigh Valley 353. I took a seat in the CNJ 550 for the trip today. The train left at 8:46 AM and we were off for Sudbury.

Crossing the main road into Scranton from Interstate 81.

Lackawanna Station Tower.

Two views of Steamtown as we rolled west.

Delaware-Lackawanna 2452.

Delaware-Lackawanna 2461.

Delaware-Lackawanna 3642.

Delaware-Lackawanna 405.

Mohawk, Adirondack & Northern 2453.

Delaware-Lackawanna 211.

Delaware-Lackawanna 2423.

Reading 467.

Union Pacific Big Boy 4012.

Bridge 60 Tower.

Crossing the Lackawanna River.

Problem! The D&H 7304 derailed one wheel and our train came to a quick stop. This was my first derailment in over 1,248,000.0+ rail miles. A plan came quickly together and the NKP 514 from Steamtown would pull us back into the Steamtown Station where we would all get off the train but be back by 11:30 AM to resume the trip.

Being pulled back to the Steamtown Station by the NKP 514.

We left the D&H units at the derailment site.

A thank you to NKP 514 for helping us out this morning. I went to the Steamtown Mall for a Cimmonbun and then walked back to the hotel to get my computer.

On the way back to the train, here is the Electric City Trolley ready to make its first run of the day. I worked on the Steamtown Story and finished it just after we left Scranton for the second time today at Noon.

Sarah Jennings as we left Scranton. After some switching moves, we used the north leg of the wye, and was backed around the Steamtown Wye. With the engines now facing towards Sudbury, we were off and running.

The train curved into the Canadian Pacific Taylor Yard.

Taylor Yard where we were stopped by a red signal.

CP 8244 on a local then got out of our way and we were off again.

Crossing the Lackawanna River. The train passed the Reading and Northern connection at Monokka Jct then went by CP Carbon, the Delaware-Lackawanna connection. After that we passed the Avoca Station.

We went over the Reading and Northern Line we would be on Saturday and by CPF 679, the RBM&N Allentown Line Connection.

Views as we passed through Hudson.

The first crossing of the Susquehanna River.

The second crossing of the Susquehanna River.

North Wilkes Barre with the Endless Mountains in this view.

The Susquehanna River.


The Susquehanna River.

The road bridge on the road that goes to Nuremburg.

There are normally trees between the tracks and the Susquehanna River.

Plants under the power lines.

The Peach Bottom Nuclear Power Plant is known as a cloud maker.

Two more views of the Susquehanna River. At Bluff we stopped for a photo runby.

Back up move #1.

Photo Runby #1.

Back up move #2.

Photo Runby #2. We all reboarded the train and we were off to Sudbury once more.

Views from the train.

Danville across the Susquehanna River.

Large industry along our route.

More views along our route.

Two more views of the Susquehanna River. We stopped and waited for a Norfolk Southern Train to pass ours before the power ran around the train and then pushed us back as far as we were allowed to go.

This is as far west as we got on this trip.

The Susquehanna River.

Photographers were out along our route today.

After getting track warrants we started the trip back to Scranton.

Good friend Bart Jennings.

My friend from Louisville, KY Jim Bergent.

Views on the way back.

The former PRR Station at South Danville.

This young man proposed to this young lady and she said "Yes!". This was another first for me on a train. Later they had to cut out the brakes on our passenger car and we meet another Norfolk Southern Freight.

Crossing the Susquehanna River for the final time at Wilkes Barre. We returned to the Steamtown Wye before we backed to the boarding area arriving there at 9:12 PM. I returned to my room for the night.<./P>