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Santa Fe 3751 riding in the Nenana Dome San Diego to Los Angeles 5/2/2010

by Chris Guenzler

We got up early before going to Auntie Emma's for breakfast. We walked over to the Trolley Station where I picked up some Coca-Cola for the trip and saw a San Diego Trolley. After we checked out of the Best Western Bay Inn we gassed up the rental car before driving into San Diego via Harbor Drive. We made one stop down by the trolley yard.

San Diego Imperial Valley 701.

Rail America 2687. From here we drove to the Ash Street north of the station.

Two views of the Santa Fe 3751 as we drove across the tracks. We ended parking one street north and walked back to Ash Street.

Santa Fe 3751 waiting in San Diego.

The National Train Day Car again on Surfliner 565.

Another view of the Santa Fe 3751 in San Diego.

The beautiful Santa Fe 4-8-4 3751 at rest at San Diego.

The rear of the Santa Fe 3751 in San Diego. At 10:00 they loaded the train and I took the rear seat in the Nenana Full Length Dome Car with an electrical plug behind it.

Santa Fe 3751 San Diego to Los Angeles 5/2/2010

The Santa Fe 3751 pulled out of San Diego at 10:51 AM. Our train consisted of the Santa Fe 4-8-4 3751, Amtrak 13, Amfleet Coaches 82540 and 82500, Horizon Coach 54500, Pony Express 800320, Horizon Cafe 58017, Horizon Coach 54552, Amfleet Coaches 82358 and 82570, Full Dome Nenana 800124, Short Domes Silver Lariat 800190 and Silver Splendor 800604 and Dome Observation Silver Solarium 800333.

Surfliner car as we left San Diego. The train headed out of San Diego via Old Town and the crossed the San Diego River. The train headed to Rose Canyon via Elvira.

Climbing the grade in the bottom of Rose Canyon. The Santa Fe 3751 reached Cumbres and descended down the Miramar Grade.

The Santa Fe 3751 dropping down the Miramar Grade before we reached Sorrento Valley where we went into the siding for a Coaster Baseball Train which passed us at 11:45 AM. The Santa Fe 3751 crossed the wetlands before passing under the Coast Highway Bridge and running along the Del Mar Bluffs. The train rolled through Del Mar and minutes later the trench at Solana Beach. Next we headed into the siding at Cardiff where we met Surfliner 768. Once on the move again we went through Encinitas and Leucadia before we made our photo stop at the Poinsettia Coaster Station.

The Photo Line would be the sidewalk leading away from the Coaster Station. Here is my car the Nenana at Poinsettia.

More beautiful flowers.

The Domes at rest.

The train started the back up move with the Silver Solarium leading.

The Silver Splendor.

The Silver Lariat.

The Nenana.

The Pony Express.

Santa Fe 4-8-4 3751.

Santa Fe 3751 backing the train. The train stopped short of Ponto waiting for Surfliner 775 to pass by on Track 1.

Surfliner 775 at Poinsettia. The Santa Fe 3751 backed two miles after getting a clear signal. Once he received a clear signal at Ponto, the 3751 came a charging towards us at 60 MPH.

The Photo Runby at Poinsetta. The train then backed up and we all reboarded and we left Poinsettia at 1:24 PM. The train headed next through Carlsbad and on into Oceanside where we made a short passenger stop right after a Sprinter went by. The train left Oceanside at 1:40 PM and crossed the San Luis Rey River. The 3751 passed through Eastbrook and Westbrook before it crossed the Santa Margarita River and pulled into Stuart Mesa where the Santa Fe 3751 for a watering and servicing stop.

Santa Fe 3751 being serviced. Surfliner 774 passed through Stuart Mesa as we watered. The Santa Fe 3751 left Stuart Mesa at 2:42 PM before we passed the Rest Area where I saw Chris Parker and we headed across Camp Pendleton and then by San Onofre State Beach.

The Santa Fe 3751 steamed by the San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant before crossing San Onofre Creek.

The Santa Fe 3751 crossing the famous trestle over San Mateo Creek at County Line. Now lets take a run along San Clemente Beach.

The run along the Pacific Ocean.

Along the elevated San Clemente Trail.

Curving off the beach at CP Capistrano.

Getting ready to cross San Juan Creek at CP Serra. We rolled through San Juan Capistrano then headed through Laguna Niguel where at a slow order I had Chris Parker waiting again. The Santa Fe 3751 climbed El Toro Hill then dropped running through Irvine down the tangent track that leads to Santa Ana.

Passing through Santa Ana where my excellent Amtrak Agent Marti was out waving at me as we passed through the station.

The Santa Fe 3751 crosses Santiago Creek into Orange.

The curve at Orange.

Chris Parker and others at Erkoff Street.

Curving into Fullerton Jct and onto the BNSF mainline.

Coming into Fullerton our next passenger stop leaving there at 4:10 PM.

Me sitting in the Nenana. The train rolled through Buena Park, La Mirada, Santa Fe Springs, Los Nietos and Pico Rivera before we passed the Commerce Metrolink Station where Chris Parker was taking pictures. The Santa Fe 3751 steamed along the south side of Hobart Yard and crossed the Union Pacific at Hobart Tower. We entered the Metrolink owned tracks for the trip over the Flyover across the Los Angeles River and Alameda Corridor.

The train crossed the Flyover before going by the 8th Street Amtrak Yard before we passed the Los Angeles Subway Yard and turned into the LAUPT at Mission Tower and we arrived into LAUPT at 4:50 PM.

Santa Fe 3751 at LAUPT. It had been a fantastic Santa Fe 3751 trip and a very special thank you to the NRHS Central Coast Chapter and Pacific Locomotive Society and the San Bernardino Railroad Historical Society. We met Chris Parker by the Santa Fe 3751 and after pictures we headed towards home. We went to the Steer In Restaurant in Orange. We then dropped Bob and Elizabeth off at the Red Roof Inn. Chris and I then gassed up the rental car before we returned to my house where we said our goodbyes before I finished the story. It had been a great trip chasing the Santa Fe 3751 and then riding behind her once again on the Surfline. Can't wait for next week's trip behind the Santa Fe 3751 to San Bernardino.