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Rare Mileage Trip on the Santa Paula Branch Part 2

by Chris Guenzler

Our train pulled into Saticoy where most of the rest of the Cal Rail 2020 Conference members from Ventura came by bus to ride our special train. Who is up on those railroad ties?

My good friend Carl Morrison of who was covering the Cal Rail 2020 Conference.

Three views of the former Southern Pacific Saticoy Station. With all the passengers on board our train headed east for Piru. Carl joined Chris and me at our table. I would relax on the way back to Fillmore.

Sunkist Santa Paula Orange Association. Lunch would be served Buffet Style and they asked if the photographers on board would like to take pictures before we were all served.

The salad table.

Italian Meatballs and Chicken.

Tri Tip Sirloin.

Prime Rib.

The Dessert Table. I had a plate of Tri Tip and Prime Rib, a roll and chocolate cake for dessert.

The view looking back crossing Sespi Creek.

Our lead unit had problems so a short stop was made in Fillmore to fix it and more passengers boarded for the trip east to Piru.

Our train entered the Movie Tunnel.

Inside the Movie Tunnel. Note the side walls.

The Movie Tunnel is made out of used containers.

Crossing CA Highway 126.

The view ahead of the train.


The view looking south.


Happy passengers aboard our train.

A train through the orange groves.

The train takes a curve on the way to Piru.


I love the views of orange groves and mountains.


Our train takes another curve.

Rolling into Piru.

The Piru Packing House.

The Piru Station. The train stopped to let one person off before heading back to Fillmore with a twenty minute stop at the Bennett's Honey Farm.

Our train stopped at Buckhorn and the Bennett's Honey Farm.

Fillmore Western F7A 100.

The Bennett's Honey Farm. After the passengers shopped for honey, they all reboarded and the train headed back to Fillmore. It had been a fantastic trip on the Fillmore Western Railroad but like all good things this trip must come to an end. Chris drove me back to LAUPT driving excellent and with the help of light traffic we arrived there at 2:56 PM. By 2:58 PM I was aboard Surfliner 580 for the trip home to Santa Ana. The train returned me home on time ending yet another excellent rail adventure.