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Royal Gorge Route Part 2 7/16/2008

by Chris Guenzler

I walked out into the open car meeting Bob and Chris and at Parkdale starting taking outside pictures for the trip back through the Royal Gorge to Canon City.

Narrow gauge cars from the Cripple Creek and Victor Railroad are on display in Parkdale.

We boarded the last of our passengers and we would start our eastward trip through the Royal Gorge.

The train was rolling east alongside the Arkansas River at Parkdale.

The view to the south at Parkdale.

Our train was curving along the river at Parkdale.

The train was approaching the Highway 50 Bridge and once under it we will be entering the Royal Gorge.

The train was passing beneath the Highway 50 Bridge.

We are now entering the west end of the Royal Gorge.

The view behind shows this impressive train.

A very beautiful gorge to pass through aboard a train.

The upper reaches of the Canon City Water Diversion Project. Now sit back and relax as we go deeper into the Royal Gorge.

Under that water diverter once again.

The Suspension Bridge came into view and in this picture you get to see how deep the Royal Gorge really is.

The Suspension Bridge again.

The train heading onto the Hanging Bridge. The Santa Fe Railroad built the Hanging Bridge in 1879 before losing the "Royal Gorge War" to the Denver and Rio Grande Railroad. The Royal Gorge is only 30 to 40 feet wide where the Hanging Bridge was built.

Our train crosses the Hanging Bridge that has Rio Grande Railroad labeled on the hanging support.

The Suspension Bridge from way below.

Our train still crossing the Hanging Bridge before we leave it behind.

Remains of the Canon City Water Gravity System can be seen in these pair of pictures.

A look back at the Suspension Bridge.

Our train passes a block signal in the bottom of the Royal Gorge.

One last view at the Suspension Bridge. Now sit back and relax for the trip through the rest of the Royal Gorge.

I think that we would all agree that the Royal Gorge is one incredible place on planet Earth.

A look back from where we had been. Andre wanted to show me the rest of the cars which he is very proud of.

There are no questions where this car came from.

This car reminds me of cars I had ridden on Via Rail up in Canada.

Three views of the Concession Car 5586 Fremont.

Three views inside the Sunshine Falls Bar Car. Andre then asked where we were heading to next and I said the Royal Gorge Park and Andre said he would provide free tickets so that I could add that to this story. I told Chris and Bob before returning to the Full Dome Car to settle my bill for one coke. The train arrived back into Canon City and a few minutes later Andre handed me the tickets and I went to the car to wait for Bob and Chris. A special thank you to Andre and the Royal Gorge Route railroad for a fantastic trip through the Royal Gorge.

As we headed to the Royal Gorge Park, one last picture of the Royal Gorge Route Train that finally took me through the Royal Gorge.

Click here for a visit to the Royal Gorge Park