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Railway & Locomotive Society Southern California Fairplex Pomona Railroad Display 2/12/2011

by Chris Guenzler

I finally remember the Railway & Locomotive Society Southern California Fairplex Pomona Railroad Display that is open to the public from 10 AM until 3 PM the second weekend of each month. I had wanted to visit it for years to write a story about it but I never remembered it until this week so I made my plans to do it. So after a train ride from Santa Ana to Irvine and back, I got on the Lets Talk Trains Chat Room to let AC Adam know what I was up to before I drove north up the 57 Freeway to Interstate 10 to Fairplex Drive then drove north to Gate 18 where I entered the Fairplex Grounds then drove down the hill where I found the railroad display. I parked the van and walked up to start taking my pictures for this story.

The sign of the Railway & Locomotive Society Pomona Railroad Display.

By the Arcadia Santa Fe Station was this semaphore signal.

The Arcadia Santa Fe Station was built in 1887. It was given to the society in the summer of 1969 after it had watched the finest of the Santa Fe Railroad passenger fleet pass by its location for years in Arcadia.

Timetable Board and Santa Fe Emblem.

Two baggage carts. Note the wheel styles which they both have.

A cut down crossing signal.

Locomotive wheel on display.

Track gang equipment.

There is a single blade semaphore signal by the Santa Fe 3450.

The Santa Fe 4-6-4 3450 with its smokebox door open.

Two more views of the Santa Fe 3450.

United States Potash Company Carlsbad New Mexico 2-8-0 3.

A double semaphore signal.

Southern Pacific 4-10-2 5021.

Santa Fe Horse Express Car Railway Express Agency 1992.

Nickel Plate Business Car 6.

A track indicator signal.

URTX 67806 Ice Cooled Refrigerator Car.

Santa Fe Caboose 1314.

Union Pacific to biggest locomotives DD40X 6915 and Big Boy 4-8-8-4 4014.

Union Pacific DD40X 6915.

Union Pacific Big Boy 4014.

Rear view of the DD40X 6915 and Big Boy 4014.

View of the grounds.

Front view of the Union Pacific 4-12-2 9000.

The Union Pacific 4-12-2 9000.

Rear view of the Union Pacific 4-12-2 9000.

Another view of the grounds.

Outer Harbor Terminal Railway Company 0-6-0 2 is under restoration.

Three views of the Fruit Growers Supply Company Climax 3. I called Lets Talk Trains then talked with a few of the members before I thanked them and headed home. I got on the computer and listened to the rest of Lets Talk Trains and got back on the chat room for the rest of the show. They have an excellent collection of locomotives for you to visit if you go out to Pomona the second weekend of any month.