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Returning out of the Carrizo Gorge 12/6/2003

by Chris Guenzler

This page covers the return of our train from Tunnel 16 to near Tunnel 5.

Our train laying over at Tunnel 16.

Looking back at tunnel 16.

Crossing the Goat Creek Trestle with me on the train.

Loving the view!

Flora, fauna and rocks!

I would never tire of this view!

Coming into Tunnel 12.

Rails on the edge.

I have always have been a cactus fan.

Looking out of Tunnel 8.

The way out of the Carrizo Gorge.

Beauty is never hidden in the desert.

Those white veins in the rocks are fantastic.

East end of the Carrizo Gorge siding.

West end of the Carrizo Gore siding.

Another way to hike out?

Cut right out of the rocks.

Here's a curve, here's a bridge.

Always a view of a ridge.

What a route!

Would you model this railroad?

Imagine you had to build this railroad.

Nearing the upper end of the Carrizo Gorge.

I love these colors!

On the approach for Tunnel 5 and our exit from the Carrizo Gorge.

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