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The trip Home from Denver via Raton Part 2

My latest trip aboard the Southwest Chief

by Chris Guenzler


After a good night sleep I woke up at 5:25 AM and got dressed.

The first picture of the morning was the landscape west of Williams, Arizona riding on the Williams Junction-Crookton line relocation which reduced grades and curvature completed in 1960. I went to the Lounge Car and rode there until breakfast at 6:30 AM.

A beautiful view as we ride the line relocation. Before they built this line, the mainline went through Ash Fork to the south of our location here.

Near Double A.

I love this part of Northern Arizona.

Beautiful view near Eagle Nest.

Hill to the north.

An oil plant to our south.

A view looking south as we neared Seligman.

Seligman, Arizona.

The "S" on the hill is for Seligman.

West of Seligman the mainlines split with a BNSF stack train heading east.

Two views of Buttes.

A mesa to the north.

Two views looking north. I went to the Dining Car for Cereal and sausage patties.

A caboose used as a cabin out in the middle of nowhere.

The mainline splits as we closed in on the Nelson Tunnel.

The train is about to enter the Nelson Tunnel, the only mainline tunnel on the old Santa Fe Mainline in Arizona.

The train entered Crozier Canyon after the train passed through the Nelson Tunnel.

Crozier Canyon.

The Southwest Chief is closing in on Kingman, Arizona our next stop and crew change.

The train has reached the greater Kingman area.

The train coming into the Kingman downtown.

Route 66 memorabilia on buildings in Kingman.

The Santa Fe Kingman Station. We did a rew change at Kingman. Dave Arthur our Amtrak Conductor is excellent, hard working, knowledgeable and great when dealing with the public while doing his job.

Santa Fe 4-8-4 3739 in Locomotive Park in Kingman.

The train entered Kingman Canyon.

Kingman Canyon

Views as we dropped from Kingman Canyon on the way to the Colorado River at Topock, Arizona.

The Southwest Chief as reached Topock and the bridge across the Colorado River and into California.

The ex Santa Fe Railroad Bridge at Topock.

The Needles that the town of Needles, California is named after.

The front end of the Southwest Chief is in California while I'm still in Arizona for a few more seconds.

The Colorado River.

Park Moabi.

The desert comes right up to the edge of the Colorado River.

The Colorado River is the state line between Arizona and California.

The Southwest Chief has reached the stop at Needles.

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