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Orange, California Quiet Zone at West Almond Avenue 4/10/2011

by Chris Guenzler

After my morning train ride from Santa Ana to Solana Beach and back I went home with an idea. Why not go up to Orange and shoot pictures at the Quiet Zone Crossing at Almond Avenue. I drove there and parked in the parking lot on the northwest side of the crossing and got out to start my picture taking.

The first thing that caught my eye was this no train horn sign.

Next you see the quad crossing gates and the pedestrian gates.

There is plenty of signage to warn people at this grade crossing.

The Do Not Stop On Tracks Sign.

A No Train Horn and Look Both Ways Signs

The main highway crossing gate and pedestrian gates located here.

The southwest escape gate for pedestrians if they get caught when the gates go down.

The Southeast escape gate.

The north side grossing gates.

The east side No Train Horn Sign.

This railroad crossing sign has all the warnings on it.

On the top Railroad Crossing.

Two Tracks in the middle.

No Train Horn on the bottom.

These two views show all the crossing protection here.

For the northeast pedestrian crossing has the No Train Horn and Look Both Ways Signs. I saw Surfliner 572 coming out of the Orange Curve and I went to set up for the next set of pictures.

Pacific Surfliner passed through the Almond Avenue Crossing with no incident today on its way to San Diego. I returned home to write this thus ending this story.