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PRS 75 Year Excursion Tehachapi and Palmdale Cutoff Trip Part 2

by Chris Guenzler

This is where the SP Freight Train derailed at Duffy Street in San Bernardino.

Heading for Cajon Pass.

A cactus farm in San Bernardino.

The view ahead of the train.

A gravel pit.

The San Bernardino Mountains.

The grade ahead of the train.

The train reached Dike Siding.

Rolling through Dike.

The rear of our train at Dike.

Devore, CA.

Crossing Cajon Creek.

The BNSF crossing of Cajon Creek.

The train heads for the Interstate 15 Bridge.

We are climbing Cajon Pass.

The connection at Kennebrook.

View across Cajon Creek.

The grade ahead.

View across Cajon Creek.

Our train climbing the grade.

A BNSF westbound stack train.

Blu Cut.

The rear of our train at Blu Cut.

Blu Cut our crossing of the San Andres Fault.

The rear of our train.

Two more views of Blu Cut.

Looking down on the BNSF mainline below Cajon.

Looking down on Cajon.

Climbing into Sullivan Curve.


Heading into Sullivan Curve where Canyon Siding starts.

The old Santa Fe Railway grade into Sullivan Curve.

Exiting Sullivan Curve.

Looking down on Drawbar Flats.

Highway 138.

The Mormon Rocks.

Cajon Mountain.

Looking up Cajon Pass.

Our train passed the Mormon Rocks.

The rear of our train.

Three views of the BNSF mainline below.

The rear of our train.

Beautiful views abound.

A UP Stack Train on Track 3.

BNSF Signal Bridge.

Looking down on Alray.

The train crossed the old Route 66 Bridge.

The rear of our train.

Where Tunnel 2 once was.

Where Tunnel 1 once was.

Climbing towards Hiland.

The rear of our train.

Views looking down on the BNSF mainline.

A westbound BNSF stack train.

The rear of our train.

The Silverwood Connection.

Two views as the train neared Hiland.

The rear of our train.

The train has reached the Summit at Hiland.

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