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The Pocono Express 6/24/2010 Part 2

by Chris Guenzler

The CN 3254 steam engine finally arrived then the RS-3s ran around the train and were put ahead of the steamer as far as Tobyhanna.

They left the rear headlight on blinding us until we told the conductor who had it turned off.

The train climbed away from the Delaware River to a lunch break at Strousbough.

CN 3254 at Strousbough.

Strousbough Tower.

The train at Strousbough.

The view from Strousbough Tower.

The levels of Strousbough Tower. I walked to a CVC Market to get some snacks for the trip.

The rear of our train at Strousbough.

An old tower along our route.

The RS-3s and CN 3254 pull the train up the grade to the summit at Pocono Summit.

RLCX 1701 at the grain elevator just east of Tobyhanna. The train pulled into Tobyhanna and we all set up for some photo runbys.

Back up move 2.

Photo Runby 2.

Back up move 3.

The Delaware-Lackawanna RS-3s then moved forward and stopped right in front of us.

Delaware-Lackawanna 4068.

Delaware-Lackawanna 4103.

Delaware-Lackawanna 4118.

Photo Runby 3.

Back up move 4.

Photo Runby 4.

The train returned from watering. The tender had a water leak thus we had to make another water stop.

CN 3254. We then learned that a truck had hit the Jublie Road Bridge knocking it out of alignment and we sat. Buses were called but then we received the word we would be allowed to cross the bridge but at a slower than walking speed.

The train crossed the Jublie Road Bridge at walking speed with plenty of eyes making sure everything was ok as we crossed.

The skid marks showed just how fast that truck was going before it hit the bridge. Once the whole train was over, The train picked up speed and returned us to Scranton. It had been another interesting NRHS Trip and I went up to my room to pick up my suit case of dirty clothes. I walked over to the Hilton and used the laundry room on the third floor and cleaned my clothes. I returned to the Radisson for an early into bed and a good night sleep.