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Steamy Sunday at the Riverside Live Steamers and Orange Empire Railway Museum Part 2 2/22/2009

by Chris Guenzler

We drove to the Orange Empire Railway Museum and parked across the street at the Railway Elementary School. We walked into the Museum Bookstore and bought tickets for the 2 PM Steam Train before I started to look around. While I had been here many time in the past, I never had written a story about this great museum. I headed out to start shooting pictures.

Hutchinson & Northern No. 1 is a 1921 "steeplecab" electric locomotive that originally operated in Kansas.

Mojave Northern 2 0-6-0T a saddletank engine built in 1917 by Davenport.

United States Navy VO-1000 8 built by Baldwin in 1945, later Port of Los Angeles 1.

Former Southern Pacific S-12 2157 {ex 1550} built by Baldwin in 1953.

Former Southern Pacific S-12 2150 (ex 1543) built by Baldwin in 1953.

Southern Pacific 1474 S-4 Switcher built by Alco in 1952.

Southern Pacific 3100 U25-BE built by GE in 1963.

OERM RSD-1 1975 built by Alco in 1942 ex USA 8015 ex DOT 015.

Santa Fe FP45 98 built by EMD in 1967.

United State Air force GE 90 Toner 8580 built by GE in 1944.

Ventura County 2-6-2 2 backed the train back into the station after the 1:00 PM run.

Ventura County Railway 2-6-2 Prairie built by Baldwin in 1922.

Two views of the Ventura County 2 sitting at the station. The engine was watered and then Chris and I boarded the open car while Larry rode in the Southern Pacific Caboose. At 2 PM we departed for Milepost 18 north of Perris near Neuvo Road.

The Pinacate Station Museum Store.

The Oil Jct Station from outside Bakersfield.

Passing a semaphore signal.

Near Downtown Perris we entered the BNSF line with the Perris station ahead.

The ex Santa Fe Perris Station.

Heading towards Neuvo Road the bridge ahead of our train and just short of that our destination before we would head back to the museum.

Mt. Baldy to the north.

Mt. San Gorgonio was covered by clouds to the northeast.

Views of Mt. San Jacinto. to the east

Mount Palomar to the south.

The famous Rock House on the hill is a Perris Landmark.

The sign for the museum along Interstate 215.

The former Santa Fe Station in downtown Perris on the way back.

On the way back to the boarding area at the Museum we passed the Union Pacific E-8 942 in Pie Yard.

The Grizzly Flats Building.

Grizzly Flats 1 0-4-2RT Chloe built by Baldwin in 1917.

Grizzly Flats 2 2-6-0 Mogul Emma Nevada built by Baldwin 1881.

Gallows Turntable from the Grizzly Flats Railroad.

Union Pacific 2564 2-8-2 Mikado built by Alco in 1921.

Union Pacific 942 E-8A built by EMD in 1953 later C&NW/Metra 510.

Ex Southern Pacific 2954 RSD-12 built by Alco in 1961.

Cottonwood Station in Pie Yard.

Ex Southern Pacific 2958 RSD-12 built by Alco in 1961.

OERM RSD-1 1956 built by Alco in 1941 ex USA 8009 ex DOT 012.

Los Angeles Railway 1201 built by the St Louis Car Company in 1921.

Inside the Narrow Gauge Car Barn.

Los Angeles Railway 1450 built by the St Louis Car Company in 1924.

Los Angeles Railway PCC Car

Outside view of unrestored cars and box cars.

A scene that could have been eighty years ago.

The buses of the museum.

A Car Barn with a Pacific Electric Emblem on it.

Pacific Electric 418 a Blimp built in 1913 by the Pullman Car Company.

Inside the Standard Car Barn.

Pacific Electric 1624.

Sacramento Northern 653.

I walked next to the Machine Shop and talked with one of the volunteers for a few minutes.

An outside wooden braced box car.

A Santa Fe wooden box car 49131 built in 1913.

Pacific Electric Wooden Caboose 1985 built in 1905. Chris and I then meet up and borrowed Larry's car to chase the 3:30 PM last run of the steam train. We drove out to our first runby location and waited. Minutes later we heard a whistle off in the distance then a few more minutes the gates at the crossing to the south went off and more whistling and our train came into view.

After we shot our pictures we hoped back in the car and drove three blocks for our next pictures.

Our final runby was not what we thought. We shot the pictures then drove out to the Mertz Park and got up on the embankment and waited. The train didn't run out this far and we wasted our time as the train had turned around and went back to the museum.

Back at the museum I caught this view. I went to the loading ramp and waited for the engine to pass by my location on the way to the Car Barn it lives in.

A most beautiful steam engine.

A line up of engines.

Ventura County 2 being turn off to be put away.

The headlight and number board of the Ventura County 2.

The builders Plate of the Ventura County 2.

The Ventura County 2 backed into the Car Barn until it will be steamed up again for a future trip.

The future Diner at the museum. We meet Larry at the Bookstore before we headed home. It had been a fantastic steamy Sunday at both the Riverside Live Steamers and Orange Empire Railway Museum.