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The Oneida Flyer: Chattanooga, TN to Oneida, TN 3/30/2014

by Chris Guenzler

Dave and I woke up and we found a MacDonalds open and I had Hot Cakes and sausage. From there we drove over to TVRM and parked the rental car. I went straight to get on the train as there was still a cold wind blowing out of the west.

The Oneida Flyer 3/30/2014

This train had a consist of: NS Southern 8099, NS 42 Tennessee, NS 46 New Jersey, NS 47 Louisiana, NS 28 Powhatan Arrow, NS 29 Powhatan Arrow, NS 26 New York, TVRM 50 Emporuim, TVRM 001, TVRM 007, TVRM 857, 3158 Traveler Fare, BMCX 899 Silver Lake, BMCX 873, and BMCX 6604.

I boarded the NS 46 New Jersey for the second trip taking seat W-19. Dave found a seat by himself letting me have both seats. I talked with my fellow passengers and waited for this trip up the Rathole to start.

This trip like yesterday's started out with us backing out onto the Knoxville mainline again. Once we started forward we ran at restricted speed as we were on Chattanooga Terminal tracks.

The inside of the NS 46 New Jersey.

The train curves onto the Rathole mainline at Citico Jct. Next the train will cross the Tennessee River at Tenbridge and I will be on new mileage once we head out onto the bridge.

Our train crossed the Tennessee River at Tenbridge.

A few minutes later we crossed a creek near Cave Springs. The tracks twisted and turned to gain elevation as we climbed away from the Tennessee River.

A church near Cave Springs. At Cave Springs the UP 7836 was in the siding.

Forsythia trees line this driveway near Daisy.

The valley nearing Sale Creek with US Highway 27 in this view. UP 4589 South was in the siding at Sale Creek. They have new ties along our route today ready to be installed.

A field between Sale Creek and Dayton.

A Tennessee farm.

The train ran through Dayton.

Down at the end of the road on the way to Evensville. The train ran through Spring City with a station and Southern caboose

View north of Spring City.

The train chasers were out in force today. The train ran by Roddy siding.

The train crossed Bar River. At Rockwood we had the NS 9362 South in the siding. Next we reached E.G. Tower which starts our double track to just short of Tunnel 26.

The train has reached Emory Gap.

The Norfolk Southern station in Emory Gap.

The Emory River.

Our train crossed the Emory River.

Our train entered Tunnel 26.

Once we exited Tunnel 26 then Tunnel 25 was ahead of the train.

The Emory River through the trees. The train ran through Oakdale. We ran by interesting rock formations with springs coming out of the rocks.

The train next entered Tunnel 24. After we crossed Nemo Creek we entered the Nemo Tunnel, also known as Tunnel 23.

Trees near Lancing. We went through Lancing and then met NS 8125 at Sunbright. There was a second NS freight near Sunbright.

The train went through Glen Mary. Here once in the past Chris Parker and I had a three way meet of NS trains. We ran through Robbins and I then waited for the next scenic highlight of this route.

The train crossed the 307 foot tall New River High Bridge. From here we ran through Phillips where there was another NS freight train waiting for us to pass through, Helenwood and Pemberton before we closed in on Oneida.

The Norfolk Southern station in Oneida. We pulled into Oneida and I was first off the train and headed to the front end of the train.

Our train at rest in Oneida.

Front end view of the Norfolk Southern Heritage Unit 8099. From here I stopped by the event in Oneida Park and got a can of Coca-Cola to go before I headed to the road bridge over the tracks south of the park. On the way there I found two surprises.

NW Caboose 530343.

The old Southern Oneida train station. I headed up onto the highway bridge to take pictures of the train backing towards the wye.

Our train backing towards the wye. Once the train was turned a few of the cars needed water so they did that at the south end of the park.

Three views of the car show in Oneida Park.

View of Oneida Park. I waited for the train to return then boarded and worked on the story for the first forty minutes of the trip. I would relax on the way back just taking a few more pictures on the return trip.

The Emory River.

NS Work Camp Cars in Oakdale.

The Railfans were still out in force on this late afternoon.

One last view of the Emory River.

Southern Railway Station in Spring City.

A Southern Caboose in Spring City. I relaxed the rest of the way back to Chattanooga. It had been two fantastic days of NS train trips out of Chattanooga. All good things must come to an end so we had to detrain and take one last look at the train that gave us two days of nothing but pleasure. Now we have to drive back to Atlanta.

We were the first off the train and out of the parking lot and we started the drive south to the Super 8 near the Atlanta airport. We stopped for gas and then dinner on the way south. We checked into the Super 8 and called it a night.

The Trip Home

Dave and I got up at 4:00 AM and once we were both ready he checked us out and we loaded the rental car. We had to gas up the rental car before we returned it. Next we took the Skytrain over to the Atlanta airport where I said my goodbyes to Dave who was flying Southwest out at 6:00 AM. I got my American Airlines boarding pass and got my TSA Precheck and I was the only one going through it so it was just put my bag and computer bag on the scanning machine and then waited for it to come through and I was off to find my gate which was T-12.

American Airlines 1315 3/31/2014

My knees were killing me so I got preboarded giving me more time to walk down the jetway. We left on time and flight highlight was the Mississippi River and all the oxbow lakes. We landed and I was told to go to Gate C-11. So I took the Airtrain there and then was told Gate A-8. I took the Airtrain back to the A gates and stopped by Dunkin Donuts for a morning snack. I then checked in at the Gate A-8 and caught up the story to this point.

American Airlines 1554 3/31/2014

I boarded the next plane to home and did Sudoku puzzles for most of that flight. We arrived at Orange County and I called Winston to come and picked me up. He drove me home ending an excellent adventures of train trips out of Chattanooga.