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Arkansas & Missouri Rare Mileage Trip 9/12/2010 Daytime Meteorite Part 2

Sponsored by the Southern Appalachia Railway Museum

by Chris Guenzler

The train left Hudson and headed to the Highway 37 Bridge where we unloaded for the next Photo Runby.

The back up move.

Photo Runby 2 at the Missouri Highway 37 Bridge.

The reverse move to pick us all up.

The right bridge pillar has Frisco on it. Once we were all on we headed south to our next stop at Exeter for the next Photo Runby.

The back up move.

Photo Runby 3 at Exeter. We all reloaded and the train headed to Seligman. Here the train pulled too far south so we had to back to the unloading zone where we stopped for lunch and static photos.

Two views of our train before I went to get some snacks.

I went to Norm's Grocery to pick up some snacks. I walked back to near the train.

Our train with the Seligman Water Tower in the picture.

Our train with the Frisco Street in the picture.

Bart put a sign on the front of the train.

The sign read "For Sale".

More views of our train in Seligman. From here we backed to the old Seligman station site for our next static photo.

Static pictures in Seligman.

The old Missouri & North Arkansas used to back their trains along where this platform once was in the old days. We all reboarded and we headed south to Springdale where we ended the Daytime Meteorite Rare Mileage Trip early. Special thanks once again to the Arkansas & Missouri Railroad and to Bart and Sarah Jennings for an excellent weekend of rare mileage trips in Arkansas and Missouri.

The Drive to Tulsa

I left the Springdale station after saying goodbye to Bart and headed west on US Highway 412. I stopped at KFC to pick up my lunch to go and headed straight west on US Highway 412 to Siloam Springs and went to a KCS grade crossing, pulled off and ate my KFC. A few minutes later I started hearing a train horn so I knew I had a KCS train coming. I finished my lunch and the crossing signals started flashing and I set up for my pictures.

The train came into sight with UP 7246 on the point.

Halfway back were a pair of KCS units cut into the train.

KCS 3907.

KCS 4612.

UP 6528 was the rear DPU and the train headed to points south. I got back onto US Highway 412 which once into Oklahoma I got on the Cherokee Turnpike which took me to Interstate 44 where I went through some slow road construction with people you don't know how to drive. I got onto Interstate 244 for a mile and got off at Garnet Ave where I checked into the Best Western Airport. I finished the story up to the trip home before relaxing the rest of the evening.

9/13/2010 I got up at 5:25 AM after not getting a wake up call, a very quick shower, checked E-mail and checked out. I drove to the Tulsa Airport where I returned the car at National Car Rentals, once the guy got there. Security was everyone through the Puffer. I then waited for my flight.

Southwest Airlines 1570 9/13/2010

The plane took off and after a bumpy flight through the clouds then it was a smooth ride the rest of the way to Denver. There I only had to walk two gates over to wait for my flight to Orange County.

Southwest Airlines 2731 9/13/2010

The plane left right on time and it was a smooth flight. I saw the Colorado Railroad Museum, Black Mesa and Lake Powell, Grand Canyon and trains on the BNSF Transcon near Cady. The plane landed five minutes early and I got picked up and taken home ending another excellent rail adventure.