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Arkansas & Missouri Rare Mileage Trip Daytime Meteorite 9/11/2010 Part 2

Sponsored by the Southern Appalachia Railway Museum

by Chris Guenzler

The train went by the Van Buren Station and I was now on new mileage.

A few minutes later the train came to a red signal at the Union Pacific Crossing.

A Union Pacific freight was sitting down the track a half mile away to the east.

Once we got a yellow signal we then crossed the Union Pacific mainline and headed to the Arkansas River Bridge.

Our train crossed the Arkansas River.

The train ran through some forest before coming into Fort Smith.

The train ran through the A&M yard in Fort Smith.

We ran by the industries on the way into town.

Motive power of the Fort Smith Railroad.

The train ran by the Ferris Wheel and diner.

We ran by the former Frisco Railroad Station.

The train ran by the Fort Smith Historical Site where a Civil War reenactment was taking place this afternoon.

The train has arrived into Fort Smith at MP 416.0. After this picture I walked over to the Fort Smith Trolley Museum and today did the full run. See the story below this one on my web site for that trip.

We came back from the Fort Smith Trolley Museum and the train returned from the yard with the engine on the north end running long hood forward.

Our train is ready to head back to Springdale. I would relax and socialize most of the trip back.

The train crossed the Arkansas River on the return trip.

Our train then crossed the Union Pacific tracks at Van Buren. It had been a fantastic trip aboard the Arkansas & Missouri Railroad. A big thank you to all the A&M employees as well as to Bart and Sarah Jennings for another wonderful rare mileage trip today.

Our train returned us all back to Springdale and I walked over across the street to go and take pictures of more Arkansas & Missouri engines.

A&M C-420 54.

A&M C-420 52.

A&M T6 14.

A&M RS-32 30.

A&M C-420 60.

A&M T6 12.

A&M C-420 66.

A&M Slug 80.

A&M C-420 46.

A&M Line of engines.

A&M C-420 50.

A&M T6 18. With that last picture I went and found Randy and we met his wife back at the car. We went searching for Coleman Steak House but never found it so we got on Interstate 540 to Exit 85 and went to the Outback Steakhouse for dinner. We returned to the Best Western and I worked on the stories the rest of the night.