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The Trip Home from the NRHS 2014 Convention 6/14/2014

by Chris Guenzler

I left the NRHS 2014 Convention and took a new way to exit Springdale and was out on US Highway 421 within 12 minutes. I took this to AR 59 and went south. I realized when I did not have the KCS mainline running by it I was on the wrong road. I should have been on US 59. Anyway scanning the map while I was driving I could take US 62 west to Westville, Oklahoma then pick up US 59 then go south to Stilwell. I got to the KCS in Westville and I was quiet and it stayed that way all the way to Stilwell. I pulled into Stilwell and pulled into the station parking lot.

Stilwell, Oklahoma KCS station. From here I headed north on US 59 then OK 51 to Wagoner then US 69 four miles north to my next stop.

The Wagoner MKT station, passenger car and caboose.

The MKT caboose 13540.

Union Pacific Business Car 107.

Views of the Wagoner MKT Station. From here I took the Muskogee Toll Road into Tulsa to my next stop at the southwest corner of the Fairgrounds off of 21st Street.

Dierks Forest 2-6-2 207. From here I drove into downtown Tulsa and found Tulsa Union Station.

Views of Tulsa Union Station. From here I went to the Route 66 Park.

The Route 66 Park in Tulsa.

Frisco Meteor 4-8-4 4500.

Tulsa Sapulpa Union Railroad Murray Hill.

The Tank Car.

Frisco caboose 1157.

One last view at the Route 66 Park. I drove to the Super 8 and spent the night there.

6/15/2014 It was raining when I got up after 7:00 AM and now well rested I put in the corrections from two days ago and posted them on my web site and trainorders. Next I went to have the hotel's breakfast and the hotel computer was out of ink so the front desk clerk printed my boarding pass for me. I went back to my room, wrote the Monet story and sent off an e-mail to Winston to let him know it was done. I checked out of the hotel at 8:45 AM really late for me and made one stop in Sapulpa.

Sapulpa Trolley and Rail 375. From here I drove west on OK 33 to Drumright my next stop of the morning.

Frisco Coach 1062.

Frisco wooden caboose 119.

The Drumright Santa Fe Freighthouse. From here I drove to Cushing and had a McDonald's breakfast. I got on-line there, put the corrections into the Monet story and then posted it on my web site and before I did my rail mileage for the last two days of the convention. I tried to find the Cimarrom Valley Railroad Museum in Cushing with no luck but did find the old Santa Fe station.

The Cushing Santa Fe station. From here I drove west down OK 33 west to Perkins. There it was easy to find what I wanted.

The Yale Santa Fe station.

Canadian Pacific Observation Car Metapedia.

Santa Fe caboose 999627. From here I took US 171 to Stillwater.

The Stillwater Santa Fe station. There was something else here to photograph.

Detroit & Toledo Shortline caboose 121.

Stillwater Central WMAX 7022. I headed south to take a picture of something I saw on the way north.

The Railroad Yard "We deal in Steel" has a caboose out by the highway.

Rock Island caboose 17004. I headed south down US 171 back to OK 33 west to my next stop in Coley.

The Santa Fe Coley station. From here I headed to Guthrie.

The Santa Fe Guthrie station and Harvey House.

The historical sign at the Guthrie Santa Fe Station. I went a block over on 2nd Street.

Guthrie still has trolley tracks in one of their streets.

The Rock Island Freighthouse at Perkins and Division Street. Next I went to KFC for lunch then headed to the two stations in Oklahoma City.

The Santa Fe station in Oklahoma City.

The Oklahoma City Frisco station.

View of Oklahoma City. From here I drove to a 7-11 for gas then out to the Will Rogers Airport. I returned the rental car then went through Security with no problems and write this at the Gate 9 waiting for my plane to Denver.

United Airlines Flight 5156 6/15/2014.

This flight was good to Denver.

United Airlines Flight 5156 6/15/2014.

This flight was good to home. Winston picked me up and took me home ending the 2014 NRHS Convention Trip.

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