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The Trip to the 2014 NRHS Convention Part 2 6/6/2014

Railroad Museum of Oklahoma

by Chris Guenzler

After photographing the Enid Rock Island station I drove north across town to my real reason that I came to Enid.

Railroad Musuem of Oklahoma 6/6/2014

This railroad museum is housed in the old Santa Fe Freight House in Enid.

Rock Island caboose 17039.

Santa Fe caboose 999567.

Union Pacific caboose 25323.

MKT caboose 132.

Frisco caboose 1281.

Speeders this museum has.

Northern Pacific caboose 1142.

Northern Pacific box car 42272.

Burlington Northern 968186.

Passenger Car Wanda Lee.

Museum scene.

Railroad crossing devices.

Switch stands on display.


RNO 1.

Museum scene.

Southern Pacific caboose 4646.

YRMX caboose 13724.

Burlington Northern caboose 12433.

Unknown flat car.

Conoco box car 50004.

Conoco tank car 190.

Views of Frisco 4-8-2 1519.

Plaque of the Frisco 4-8-2 1519.

Frisco hand car.

Another speeder set.

Southern Pacific caboose 53.

SPCX box car 5040.

CB&Q box car 41223.

Southern Pacific caboose 55.

Champlin Refining Company tank car HHCX 724.

Frisco hopper car 5921.

Museum scene.

Frisco TT flat car 5921.

Frisco outside framed box car 162739.

CB&Q box car 41402.

TTOX flat car 12002.

Museum scenes. I went back inside and thanked them for having me here this afternoon.

Before I left Enid I had one more thing to do.

The Enid Santa Fe station.

I had always loved that Santa Fe symbol. From here I headed west on US 60 towards Quilan.

Two views along my route on US 60. I made it to Quilin Road and stopped at the first bridge on Curtis Hill.

BNSF 7002 west at the first bridge on Curtis Hill. The birds were really something here so I moved to the second bridge.

BNSF 7164 East at the second bridge. My hat flew off my head down to the tracks so I had to climb down and then up to get it.

BNSF 6694 West at the second bridge.

BNSF 4596 east at the second bridge. The birds were crazy here too. I continued east exploring Curtis Hill.

A BNSF eastbound on the east side of Curtis Hill.

CREX 1344 east at Avard Road. I went back to bridge one and waited.

BNSF 8227 east at bridge one on Curtis Hill.

BNSF 1992 east was my last train at bridge one on Curtis Hill. From here I drove to Woodward and found everything I wanted there.

Northwestern Oklahoma 1401.

Northwestern Oklahoma LTEX 1211.

The WF&NW station in Woodward. From here I went to Carl's Junior for dinner then to the Sand Inn & Suites. I worked on the story before calling it a night.