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Northern California 2011 Explorer Part 2

Central Coast Railway Club

by Chris Guenzler

I was feeling so much better after a good deep sleep and got up at 6:30 AM so I got almost nine hours sleep. After picking up some toast and taking it back to my room, I put the corrections in my story from yesterday. We had a few friends stop by the room and we got talking about previous NRHS Convention Trips in Chattanooga. After that we went down to the lobby and checked out leaving our bags in the lobby then we waited for the bus to arrive. More stories before the bus arrived which took only 25 passengers and I was the second passenger aboard. Chris was following us on another bus ten minutes behind it. Back at the old Western Pacific Station, I waited under my umbrella for the train to arrive which it did. Everyone boarded and we all waited for departure. The train left at 9:03 AM from Oroville.

The Feather River as we left Oroville.

The Diversion Dam below the railroad bridge.

Crossing the Feather River as we will start of our trip around Table Mountain.

The Diversion Canal.

The Diversion Lake as we left the greater Oroville area.

The train left Kramm with our cars passing the east switch.

Where CA Highway 70 turns towards its Feather River Route.

Climbing the grade below Table Mountain. The train went under Highway 70 and into Tunnel 4 which reverses directions which when we exited we are at James Siding. Next we took the lower level of the Highway 70 Bridge of the West Branch of Lake Oroville.

Houseboats on the West Branch of Lake Oroville. Next the train ran through Tunnels 5, 6 and 7 to Dark Canyon where the Western Pacific High Rail Trucks would check the tracks in the bad weather. Passing through Tunnel 8 took us into the Feather River Canyon.

The crossing of the North Fork of the Feather River.

Views of the North Fork Bridge.

Views from the train to the Highway 70 Bridge at Pulga.

Views from Pulga to the Rock Creek Bridge.

Rock Creek to Serpentine Canyon.

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