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New Mexico Railrunner to Santa Fe 2/13/09

by Chris Guenzler

I got off the Belen Train and waited for my train to Santa Fe at 4:15 PM.

A little bit of Santa Fe Railroad that has not gone away on the bridge just to the north of the station. Amtrak Southwest Chief came by at 3:30 PM early today. Once he went by I went out to my spot by the eastbound mainline to wait for my train.

New Mexico Railrunner 560 2/13/2009

At 4:03 PM I boarded the cab car taking the front seat again after it backed into the station and waited for the train to depart for Santa Fe. I was surprised that the Engineer was Phyllis who used to be my engineer of the San Diegan/Surfliners back home. The train left right on time.

Signal 9002 as we entered a quiet zone.

The train passed the end of two mainlines at Hahn.

Rolling along the single track mainline north passing an old semaphore signal foundation.

Los Ranchos/Journal Center Station.

Rolling north.

I was surprised by these last two semaphore signals along the New Mexico Railrunner route.

Approach signal for Bernalillo.

West Bernalillo.

The Downtown Bernalillo Station along with the former Santa Fe Railroad Station Sign.

East Bernalillo.

Sandoval County/US 550 Station with walkway to east parking lot.

Curve east of Sandoval. The conductor announced no pictures should be taken of the pueblos along the route for the next twenty five minutes.

West Nueva.

New Mexico Railrunner Train 511 from Santa Fe.

Rolling north with mountains to the north.

Views ahead.

Interstate 25 Bridge.

Approaching the cut.

The Junction to Santa Fe where the Southwest Chief heads east to the right. My new mileage starts at that switch.

The first curve on the new line to Santa Fe.

Curve on a big fill as we gain elevation.

The first bridge on this new line.

Curves as we continue to climb the grade.

Approach Signal for Silva with a road bridge.

Curve with mountains standing tall.

West Silva.

East Silva.

About to enter the Interstate 25 Medium.

Running down the middle of Interstate 25.

Running down the middle of Interstate 25.

Our train pulled into Richardson Siding, named after the New Mexico Governor.

New Mexico Railrunner 515 heading for Albuquerque.

East Richardson.

Ready to exit the Interstate 25 Medium.

A signal before we continued towards Santa Fe.

The Junction with the Santa Fe Southern. This ends my new mileage. The railroad was rebuilt the rest of the way to the Santa Fe Depot.

Sidings for industries along the route.

Another new station being built in southern Santa Fe.

Cresting another hill on the Santa Fe Southern tracks.

Dropping down another hill.

West Faught.

South Capitol Station.

Crossing one of the many crossings in Santa Fe.

Crossing St. Francis/Cerillos Road.

Closing in on the Santa Fe Depot.

The Santa Fe Station is in sight. The train pulled in a few minutes late but it had been a fantastic trip aboard the New Mexico Railrunner. I detrained and headed first forward to get a standing picture.

The Cab Car at Santa Fe.

The New Mexico Railrunner at the Santa Fe Station before it heads back to Albuquerque.

The Santa Fe Southern engine that should pull my train to Lamy tomorrow. I walked the .6 of a mile to the Sage Inn for the night.

The Sage Inn Offices.

Three of the wings of hotel rooms.

Views of my Room 114. I walked over to KFC for dinner before I called it a night.