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Niles Canyon Railway Winterail Steam Special 3/14/2010 Part 2

by Chris Guenzler

We all detrained to set up for pictures of the freight train.

The steam engines for the freight train were the Mason County Logging 7 and the Robert Dollar Company 3.

Mason County Logging 7.

Robert Dollar Company 3. I walked up to a hill and set up to catch the action.

Everyone was moving to their photo location before our passenger train left for Niles so the Quincy Railroad Company 2 could run around its train again and then be on the east end for the return trip up Niles Canyon.

The freight train then backed up before it started its photo runby for all of us.

Freight Train Photo Runby 1. Now as the freight train backs we will look at its cars.

Southern Pacific Caboose 1101.

AOX 848 Tank Car.

Milwaukee Road Express Box Car 29330.

NCY Flat Car 306.

Southern Pacific Box Car 100752.

Western Pacific Hopper Car 10656.

NATX Tank Car 8502.

The steam engines.

The freight train backed out of the way before the passenger train started its photo runby.

Passenger Train Photo Runby 1.

Western Pacific Coach 315.

Southern Pacific Lines 1975 All Day Lunch.

Niles Canyon Railway Open Air Car.

Southern Pacific Coach 1949.

Arizona Eastern Combine 453.

Quincy Railroad Company 2.

Our passenger train backed into the clear.

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Views from the hill.

When the engine stopped in this position I got off the hill for my next picture.

Three steam engines in one view. I returned to the hill for the next set of pictures.

Freight Train Photo Runby 2.

The passenger train pulls in to pick us all up and we then headed to our next photo location up in Niles Canyon.

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