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NRHS "The Duluth & Grand Rapids Day Express" 8/15/2009

by Chris Guenzler

This morning I got up early and uploaded more corrections for the stories. I went down for a quick breakfast and then left for the train. I turned around to get my umbrella. I took off again and then tried to take a picture. No memory stick. Back to the room for the third time to get it and I took off for the train the final time.

The Duluth Skywalk crosses the streets in downtown Duluth.

This is what the inside of the Duluth Skywalk looks like and they have my favorite kind of machines in there. I took it to the parking structure and then walked the rest of the way to the train station where I was fourth in line to board the train to Grand Rapids.

The line got longer and longer before they boarded our train. I took a seat in the Braddock Inn. Our train consisted of Great Northern SD-45 400, Amtrak Engine 166, Mount Vernon 800708, Kitchi Gammi Club VRIC7 800705, Southern Pacific Coach Golden Sands 800748, Southern Pacific Coach Golden State 800881, Santa Fe Mojave Lounge 800651, Braddock Inn Parlor 800854, New York Central 38 Parlor 800655, Super Dome 800862 and Cedar Rapids 800040.

Our train left Duluth Union Station.

The Canadian National Ore Docks.

The Great Northern 400 looks great on the point of our special train to Grand Rapids, Minnesota.

The train took the curves to the get to the Grassy Point Drawbridge.

The Grassy Point Draw Bridge came into view.

Our train crossed the Grassy Point Drawbridge.

The train took that tight curve in Superior.

BNSF power in the old Northern Pacific Yard.

Central Avenue.

The Canadian National line passed underneath at Saunders.

An interesting shack out in the trees.

Our train approached Boylston where my new mileage would start.

At Boylston the line to the Twin Cities took off and I was now on new trackage all the way to Grand Rapids.

Just another rural road.

The inside of the Braddock Inn.

Chris in the Braddock Inn.

Some open land in the forests.

Neat farm in Wisconsin.

A pond along our route.

Crossing the Huson Trestle near Stateline.

Trees on the rolling hills.

Carlton, Minnesota.

Sappi plant in Cloquet.

Freight cars in Cloquet.

Our route followed the St Louis River for miles westward.

The forest along our route.

The town of Floodwood.

We ran through the Tiaga Forest.

The siding at Island.

Our train got stopped by a red signal. The dispatcher couldn't ID our train with Great Northern 400. After he tried for ten minutes, he just used Amtrak 166 for our train ID. We got a green signal and took off again for Grand Rapids.

Cars in storage at Swan River.

The wye at Gunn that we thought they would turn our train on but didn't.

Our train crossed the Prairie River with the Railfan Chasers picking this spot as the best location on the railroad. A few minutes later, our train arrived into Grand Rapids and all the passengers unloaded.

Great Northern SD-45 #400 "Hustle Muscle"

Our train at Grand Rapids prior to running west four miles to wye for the trip back to Duluth.

The line for lunch today was for Subway Sandwiches. After lunch I took a quick look around.

The Station at Grand Rapids. After that I met Bart Jennings and we started the photo line for our train's return.

A local plant at the photo line.

Our train returns to Grand Rapids and we all reboarded. Just after 2:00 PM our train left Grand Rapids for Duluth with me relaxing in the Braddock Inn.

Leaving Grand Rapids.

At Brookston only passengers with cameras were allowed off for the photo runby.

The back up move.

The Photo Line.

Photo Runby with the train passing the photo line.

The Braddock Inn, the car I chose to ride in today. We all reboarded the train and we left for Duluth.

Our Amtrak Conductor Kurt, went to Conductor School in Wilmington, Delaware with CJ of Lets Talk Trains fame.

Later the train crossed the Huson Bridge near Stateline as we are back in Wisconsin.

The train took that tight curve at Superior before turning west and crossing the Grassy Point Draw Bridge back into Minnesota.

A BNSF freight followed us across the Grassy Point Draw Bridge.

The train got excited when we spotted this Canadian National power set.

CN/DMIR SD-40T2 407.

CN/IC SD-40-2 6254.

DM&IR SD-38-2 211.

One last look at this unique motive power set.

Our train was wyed at the BNSF Rice Point Yard.

That BNSF freight arrived into the Rice Point Yard as our train backed into Duluth Union Station. I detrained and walked to the parking structure to get into the Skywalk. I found it locked so I wasted time and had to walk up the hill to Superior Street where I found a way into the Skywalk. I stopped for Subway Sandwich and Chocolate Cookies for dinner and the Coke Machine for more Coke for tomorrow. I returned to the Best Western to have my dinner and my last night in Duluth as I wrote this story.