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National Train Day 2009 May 9, 2009 Los Angeles, California

by Chris Guenzler

My participation in National Train Day 2009 would be working at the Depot Inn & Suites Table, writing a story and getting my Guest Reward quadruple points on this date only. I woke up early and after getting ready I drove down to the Santa Ana Train Station, parked my GEO Metro and walked over to Track 1 to wait for Surfliner 763.

Surfliner 763 arrived into Santa Ana and I boarded the lower level of the Cab Car. The conductor took the first of my Guest Reward quadruple points tickets of the day. At Fullerton Carole Walker and Tom Anderson joined me for the rest of the trip to Los Angeles. Here I detrained and started my picture taking for the morning.

Sleeper 32056

Pacific Parlour Car 39972 Napa Valley.

Diner 38065

Lounge 33032

UPY 2709

Pacific Business Class 6807.

Operation Lifesaver 455.

Metrolink Cab Car 635.

Metrolink Engine 896.

Overview of display trains on Track 11. From here I walked over to Track 12 and on the storage track found the Disney "A Christmas Carol Train" with Amtrak 157 decked out in a unique paint scheme.

Another view of the Amtrak 157.

More views of the Amtrak 157.

Three views of the paint scheme on the Amtrak 157.

Four views of the Disney Train at Los Angeles Union Station.

My last picture of the Disney Train.

Amtrak Thruway Bus. Next I headed back to Track 12 to take pictures of the private railroad cars on display there.

Gulf, Mobile & Ohio 50 800539.

Overland Trail 800633.

Scottish Thistle 800636. I then walked down to the end of Track 12 to be in position for the arrival of Santa Fe 4-8-4 3751 to Los Angeles Union Passenger Terminal.

Santa Fe 3751 backed into LAUPT.

Santa Fe 3751 backing into the escape track between Tracks 11 and 10.

Santa Fe 3751 at LAUPT.

Crew Members of the Santa Fe 3751. From here I walked down into the station.

The first interactive display in LAUPT.

In the south courtyard a Spanish Amtrak Area. I heard music coming from the old Ticket area and went to investigate.

Doing a sound check was Chana before her morning show this morning.

I would be at the Depot Inn & Suites Table working with Steve Grande and Matt Mezler. After we got our display set up I went around to see what else was here.

RailPac was next to us on the south.

Foothill Transit.


California High Speed Rail.

The Orange County N Gauge Club had a layout set up for visitors to enjoy. I then went for the first time into the old LAUPT Restaurant.

Views inside the LAUPT Restaurant.

Women in Railroading.

Operation Lifesaver.

Another interactive area for visitors.

Carolwood Pacific Railroad Historical Society.

The Pacific Railroad Society.

California State Parks.

Los Angeles Metro.

Car Free Santa Barbara.

Fillmore and Western Railroad.

Key Holidays Tours.

Anaheim Orange County Visitor and Convention.

LA Conservancy.

Budget Rental Car.

San Luis Obispo Chamber of Commerce.

Union Pacific pre set up.

Union Pacific ready to go.

The fantastic Railroad Artist Craig Thrope. He had a nice display of his work here.

Roy Wojahn of the Orange County Railway Historical Society works at Travelers Aid at LAUPT some weekends during the year.

Amtrak's Booth at National Train Day 2009.

The Press Table where they gave me a National Train Day Express Media & Press Limited Edition.

10:30 - 11:30AM Chana performed for the visitors at National Train Day. Matt and I manned the Depot Inn & Suites booth while Steve took a train ride down to Santa Ana to get his Guest Reward quadruple points. We gave out plenty of whistles and La Plata materials to visitors to our table. Steve returned and when I heard music I went over to see the next performer.

1:00 - 2:00PM Matt Costa performed for the visitors to National Train Day. The wind gusts blew over our displays several times during the morning but the afternoon wind did a number on them causing us to take them down. With that done, I decided to take Surfliner 580 home and said goodbye to Steve and Matt with me heading to Track 8B. There I boarded the train and the Conductor took my ticket for my second Guest Rewards quadruple points on the trip home. The train made a fast trip down to Santa Ana after ending my National Train Day 2009 experience.