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The Drive back to Chicago and the Monon Connection Museum 7/22/2013 Part 2

by Chris Guenzler

Railroad Property Trespassing Forbidden Under Penalty of Law.

Monon baggage cart.

Railroad Property Trespassing Forbidden Under Penalty of Law.

Stop Tank Car Connected.

Dwarf Switch Signal.

An approach signal and Milepost C 138.

Switch stand.

Museum scene.

Elkhart station lamp post.

STL 201 milepost.

Railroad Crossing Look Out For The Locomotive.


B&O Position Light Signal.

Switch signal.

These are the grounds of the C.C.C. & St.L. R-y. Co.

No Right Turn.

Yard Limit.

A crossbuck.

Terra Haute station lamp post.

A Stop When Swinging Wig Wag crossing signal.

Museum scene.

Semaphore signal.

Caution Do Not Walk nor Trespass on the Railroad.

Wallingford station lamp post.

Museum scenes.

Semaphore Signal.

Monon Flat Car 7003.

Museum scenes.

Water Tower.

Crane display.

Narrow gauge side dump cars.

Museum scene.

Semaphore signal 933.1.

Water Tower.

Museum scenes.

Museum scenes. Now let look inside this museum.

They have an excellent collection inside the museum.

One last look at the Monon Connection Museum.

Onward to Kankakee and Dave's House.

From Monon we drove straight to Kankakee.

The Kankakee Illinois Central Station.

Kankakee trolley 114 built by McGuire-Cummings in 1916.

Union Pacific Caboose 25673.

The City of Kankakee.


CN 5786 South came through Kankakee. Down the tracks was a local getting ready to go back to work.

The CN Kankakee Local.

GTW GP-38 4928.

CN 9543. From here Dave and I tried to find the local crew but had no luck but stumbled onto another train because we did this.

NS 9784 West passed through Kankakee. From here we drove back to Dave's house in Steamwood. I would like to thank Dave for such a great trip as this one.