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Mid-Continent Railway Museum Part 2

by Chris Guenzler

Mid-Continent Railway Museum 11:00 AM Train Trip

Two views of the waiting train for me to board which I did.

A few last minute passengers got their tickets and then boarded the train.

Inside of the Delaware Lackawanna & Western Combine 425 I choose to ride in for this trip.

At 11:00 AM sharp, the train departed North Freedom for the trip out to Quartzite Lake.

Crossing the road that takes you to the museum.

Heading out of the museum grounds.

Scenes as we passed through the forest along the Baraboo River that flooded out the museum last year.

Scenes showing some of the beauty of Wisconsin.

A white building sure stands out in a green landscape.

Our train crossed Seeley Creek on a low trestle.

A small station building at LaRue.

This tavern is the only remaining building in LaRue after a fire destroyed the rest of the town in the early 20th century.

Views along our route.

The switch at the east end of Quartzite Lake.

Our train arriving into Quartzite Lake.

The train at Quartzite Lake.

Quartzite Lake.

Our engine stands proud in the midday light.

The rear of our train here will soon be behind the engine for the trip back to North Freedom.

The engine is running around the train and will back onto it to take us back.

Our train has left Quartzite Lake and I would just relax on the trip back to North Freedom.

The train has returned us to North Freedom and after I detrained, I will take a couple of pictures, have lunch then go through the Car Shops that I haven't visited yet on my trip to this great railroad museum.

Click here the visit to the Car Shops