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Marion Union Station visit 5/15/2013

by Chris Guenzler

I pulled into the parking lot and parked the rental car. I met a local Railfan who would keep me informed of any train movements during my visit. I walked over to the tower and went up to the landing as this was my first visit here.

The view to the south.

The view to the east.

The view to the north. Soon I heard a horn and knew my first train to photograph in Marion was coming from the north.

NS 8354 South went through Marion. Now I would look around.

Views of the Marion Union Station buildings.

Erie Caboose C 306 is on display in Marion.

The tower at Marion.

CSX view looking north.

The CSX diamond just northwest of the Marion Union Station.

CSX view looking west.

CSX view looking south.

The old freight house just west of Marion Union Station. I went into the station and the caretaker said I had a good twenty minutes before he had to close for a school group coming today. I only needed five minutes. Now I will show you the inside of Marion Union Station.

Views of the displays in Marion Union Station. I returned outside for some more train action.

NS 6035 South passing by Marion Union Station.

Another view of the Erie Caboose C 306 that is on display in Marion.

Two more views of the tower at Marion Union Station.

CSX 4841 East with CSX 5406 and 8524 heading east by Marion Union Station.

NS local with NS 5061 as power went by Marion Union Station south.

NS 8397 South went by Marion Union Station.

My final picture was of the concrete whistlepost in Marion. I thanked my new friend and hit the road taking US 23 north.

North of Marion is a coaling tower as I took the picture as I drove by it on US 23. I got off in Carey for another couple of pictures.

The Carey Big Four Route Station. I left Carey on Ohio 15 and made my next stop in Findlay for another station.

The Findlay Lake Erie & Western Station. I drove out to Interstate 75 then went two exits north to Exit 161 and went east to my next stop of the trip.

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