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The Little Rock Express The Trip Kansas City to Jefferson City 5/31/2011

by Chris Guenzler

I woke up to a rainy Kansas City as I got up and put the corrections into my story. After preparing myself for my day I checked out of the Westin Crown Plaza Hotel and took the Air Walk back over to Kansas City Union Station. I walked through the station to the freight house bridge. The Union Pacific 844 steamed up and ready to go to Jefferson City via the UP River Line this morning. I walked back into the station then out the north door and headed to the train. After I checked in, I took a seat in the Katy Flyer and relaxed until departure time. The Southwest Chief arrived into KC today at 6:29 AM before I had arrived here. I have a north side seat allowing for watching freight trains. We had a UP westbound as the UP 844 whistled off every few minutes which was great to hear aboard the train again. The next train was BNSF 5774 West as we waited to depart from Kansas City.

Passengers in the Katy Flyer.

Passengers in the Challenger lower seats.

Passengers in the Challenger Dome.

View of the train from the Challenger Dome. The train backed out of Kansas City Union Station at 8:11 AM to reach the mainline before we headed east starting the trip to Jefferson City.

The former Milwaukee Road Freight House now a BBQ Restaurant. The train headed east down the Kansas City Terminal Tracks. The train had a yellow signal followed by a red signal and we came to a stop. After a brief stop we continued our journey east. A few miles later the train went up and over the Flyover across the UP and KCS. The train would be running at a slower speed than normal to let the new bearings break in.

Switchers at a car repair facility. The train came off the Flyover and at Rock Creek went over the UP Sediala Sub. The train entered the BNSF Marceline Sub and came to a stop.

This dear was railfanning the steam train. The BNSF wanted our train information and soon we were on our way again passing through Congo. The BNSF was running hot and heavy as we made our way east down their rails. We had our first train chaser of the trip after Rock Creek. The train ran through Cement City and continued east coming to a stop.

The train came to another red signal and I went to the vestibule for a picture.

The train came to Eton Jct and entered the UP River sub and I started my new mileage of the day.

View of an open field after Eton Jct. The train crossed the Little Blue River.

The railfans are out in force this morning. The train came to the Lake City Siding.

Lake City Missouri.

The train took a curve after Lake City.

A lone tree with a lone smoke stack.

The train came to the first stop of the trip at Buckner where the engine was serviced and the bearing was checked. After a stop in Buckner we continued east.

The Buckner Missouri Pacific Station.

Leaving Buckner and heading to our next stop at Lexington.

Scenes on the way to Lexington. The train ran by the siding at Renick.

The Missouri River before Lexington.

Another wet field.

The Missouri River before we stopped at Lexington. After a short stop we were off to Grand Pass.

The Missouri River.

The Missouri River at Waverly.

Views of fields on the way to Grand Pass. I went back to the Feather River to get pictures of the Contest Winners aboard the train to St Louis.

Nick Benson.

Nick Benson and his guest Dan Kwarciany

Shad Pulley grand Prize Winner.

Shad Pulley and his wife Melony.

Kevin Mucha.

Keven Mucha and is son Colin.

The track behind the train.

View along the train.

Leaving Grand Pass, Missouri.

The UP 844 at Malta Bend where our 40 passengers detrained and would be bussed back to Kansas City.

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