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Leadville, Colorado & Southern Railroad Trip 7/12/2009 Part 2

by Chris Guenzler

Views looking at the Arkansas River Valley. The train will now travel over the cliff area of the route.

The train travels over the cliff section of track.

Interesting trees below the tracks.

Rocks above the train.

The peak across the valley.

Rock outcroppings below our train's route.

Rocks above the train on the Cliff section of our route.

The train came to an interesting rock formation.

Mt. Buckskin.

The train continued to climb the grade.

Foundations from a building that used to be here years ago.

The train took another curve.

More glacial debris.

A mine pipe to removed water from the mine.

The clouds are beginning to look dark and I hoped for no rain during the rest of our trip.

The train took more curves as we climbed higher.

The train curves into French Gulch.

The Water Tower at French Gulch.

The train continued to our turn around point.

Looking back down at the Arkansas River Valley.

Our train arrived at the turn around point.

The mountains looked beautiful during our layover here.

Wildflowers are in bloom at this high elevation.

This is a far as our trip will go. A talk about the history and other things were given during our stop here. The engine will lead our train back to Leadville once the talk is over.

The clouds started building up and we all know I love watching clouds.

Interesting rock outcropping across the valley.

The train started back with the GP-9 leading and we ran to the French Gulch Water Tower for a twenty minute stop.

The French Gulch Water Tower. I detrained for a few pictures of our train.

The train at the French Gulch Water Tower.

During our layover they allowed the passengers to tour the engine and/or caboose.

The French Gulch Water Tower. After a short stop here we started back to Leadville.

The GP-9 looks good leading our train back.

Looking down at the Arkansas River Valley.

The train passed over the Cliff section of our route.

The GP-9 leading our train back through the forest.

The old grade of the Colorado Midland Railroad is now a hiking trail.

The LCS GP-9 1918.

Back by the roundhouse.

The train returned into Leadville.

The train returned to the Leadville Station and I detrained thanking the crew for an excellent trip over the Leadville, Colorado & Southern Railroad. I then started the drive to Cripple Creek. I made a stop at the Forest Service Visitor Center at Wilkinson Pass.

The mountains to the west and valley below.

Pikes Peak the destination of my trip tomorrow. I drove on to Cripple Creek through some heavy thunderstorms that didn't make driving fun. I did reach it safely for my next Colorado train ride but that is another story.