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Moberly Historic Railway Museum and Rothwell Park Magic City Line Miniature Railroad 7/16/2011 Part 2

by Chris Guenzler

We arrived at the Rothwell Park Magic City Line Miniature Railroad and their volunteers were waiting for us to give them a ride on this unique railroad.

Our train is waiting for our trip this afternoon.

Our engine is painted up for Norfolk & Western Railway.

They showed us their handicap car. From here we walked down to the engine house.

This is their Engine Shed.

This was the first engine the group owned.

This is a Crosby Engine.

This is a Norfolk Southern Engine.

They have this nice drop pit in their engine house.

They use a trolley style switch in the engine house.

They use this car to ballast their track.

They also have this steam engine.

There is a water and coaling tower.

We walked through the tunnel to get back to the boarding area where it was now time to get on the train.

Me aboard the Magic City Line Miniature Railroad. The train started its trip.

We left the station passing the Coates Street Sign.

These bears are interesting.

The train crossed this bridge.

These are interesting carvings.

Rolling through Rothwell Park.

Views of Rothwell Park.

Nathan was video taping the trip.

I was enjoying my trip in Rothwell Park.

The Bertley Street Crossing Gates weren't working on our trip.

The train approached the southern loop.

The road in Rothwell Park.

The reversing loop track we would be returning on.

Views in Rothwell Park.

The train about to make the big turn.

The train took the loop. New Dogwood Trees have been planted on the inside of this track loop.

There is a station at the south end of this railroad.

The train left the southern station.

A culvert on the loop.

The train crossed this bridge.

Another view of the culvert.

Leaving the Dogwood Trees behind.

The trip has returned from the loop and will head north.

The engineer checks the train as it went through the switch.

The train recrossed the bridge.

Rothwell Park is sure unique.

The train recrossed the bridge.

The train went through the switch to take the northern loop.

We didn't go by the Coates Street Sign.

Views north along the northern loop track.

The train went by the Burma Shave Signs.

We went by the direct loop back to the station.

The train crossed this bridge.

The train took this Northern Loop.

It crossed this small bridge.

That bridge we crossed was made out of a flat car.

That flat car was NS 985074.

The train went beside the train shed.

I have seen these already.

The train heading to the tunnel.

There is a Circus Poster on the Tunnel Face.

The train returned to the station and we all detrained.

They put me up in the engine for pictures. We thanked them for an excellent train ride on the Magic City Line Miniature Railroad.

From here we left Rothwell Park and stopped and put 4 gallons of gas in the van. From there we drove out to Mexico, Missouri to see the train stations there.

The Wabash Station in Mexico.

There is a NS GP59 down the tracks in Mexico.

The Kansas City Southern Station in Mexico.

Norfolk Southern GP59 4624. From here we drove back to Centralia then south down to Columbia. In Columbia we found the COLT Railroad engine.

Colt Railroad GP-9 2001. From here we headed to the Columbia Star Dinner Train parking lot.