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To La Plata and the Coal Mine and Northeast Missouri Old Threshers Steam Engine Part 2

by Chris Guenzler

Next we will go into the Farming and Mining section of this museum.

There are many interesting things here as well.

More things can be found as you move through this very interesting museum.

The mining part of this museum.

Two models of mining.

More interesting things.

A miners working station.

Another interesting display case.

There are plenty of things to see here.

A great set of Antlers.

Miner's lights.

A railroad crossbuck.

Another display case.

That one coal model again.

Coal Mining 1880-1966 map and more displays to look at.

A fish netting.

A railroad fish stand.

An old telephone switch stand .This ends our visit to the Novinger Coal Mine Museum.

From here Steve, Barbara and I walked over to the Novinger Homestead.

The old Novinger Jail.

The Novinger Homestead.

The Novinger Homestead Souvenirs building.

Francisa Chorelle {Quinel} Reese Homestead.

A mine car display and track.

The outhouse at the Novinger Homestead. I drove back to La Plata and stopped by the Depot Inn & Suites for a few minutes. After that I went by where Shivam did a few things to my computer. From there I drove to Shelbina, Missouri my next stop. On the way there I learned that my dog Clyde had died yesterday. I will truly miss my old friend and when I clean the pool it won't be any fun without my dear dog Clyde.

Northeast Missouri Old Threshers Steam Engine

I drove in and found Bill Smith working on the locomotive which was Solvay Process Works 0-4-0T 57.

Two more views of the engine which is lettered today as the Nemo Express.

This is the passenger car they use. While we waited for the steam to build up in the engine after we loaded wood aboard and he stoked the firebox, Bill and I visited their depot/museum trailer.

They have the old Shelbina School house with the original desks that a few residents still alive initials are carved into them.

Pictures of what the engine looked like when it arrived here.

I've been working on this railroad.

Shelby County Herald story about the engine.

Track gang equipment.

This boiler came from a Mississippi River Dredge.

The Threshers own a lot of neat equipment. We returned to the engine and we still need to build more steam. So I loaded more wood and Bill stroked the engine. After that I ran over to Casey's for a Coca-Cola before we returned to watch the boiler pressure continue to grow. Once we got it to over 40 pounds, Bill pulled the reverser back and the engine started to move backwards. The engine moved back to near the end of the track and Bill stopped it and I got off for a picture.

The train at the north end of the track.

Bill my engineer in the cab of this unique locomotive. Once I was back into the cab, Bill started the engine forward and we started down the track towards the east end of track.

Two views of the train heading south down the track.

The inside of the cab.

Taking the southwest curve on the property.

A look back from where we had been.

The train was about to take the southeast curve on this railroad.

The train has reached the end of track.

Near this end of track we stopped for a picture.

The present end of track. When I got back into the cab, Bill could not get the engine to move. In our haste, we forgot to load more wood to get the engine back. Bill decided to leave the engine there so we ended my trip on this unique railroad. I needed to get back to La Plata and Bill needed to be in Paris, Missouri this evening.

My last views of the train before we walked back to the van and I thanked Bill for this unique adventure aboard this railroad in Shelbina. I drove back to La Plata to the Depot Inn & Suites. There I took Steve and Barbara back to the Amtrak Station to catch the Southwest Chief running twenty minutes late this evening.

The travelers and friends at the La Plata Amtrak Station.

BNSF 4727 East came through La Plata before the Amtrak Train arrived tonight.

Still waiting!

The Southwest Chief arrived into La Plata. I helped load their luggage aboard then went to get pictures of the rear of the train.

After a double spot, the Southwest Chief left La Plata for points west.

The conductor waving good bye to me.

The Belle Vista was one of two private cars on the rear of the Southwest Chief tonight.

The Southern 1 was the other.

The Southwest Chief heads out of La Plata and I headed back to the Depot Inn & Suites. The camera would not transfer the pictures into the computer. I will have to run up to Walmart in the morning to solve this problem. Since I could not write this story, I called it a night.