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Kiski Junction Railroad 5/21/2010 Part 2

by Chris Guenzler

Our train passed Milepost 3.

The ATI Allegheny Dudlum Plant.

This is the end of ownership by the Kiski Junction.

Here the engine cut off of our train to pick up some freight cars.

The engine came back with five gondola cars of material. After the engine recoupled to the passenger train we were now a mixed train. After an air test we started the trip back to Schenley. We stopped at the Gilpin Mine again for a unique Photo Runby.

The engine was in the middle of the consist.

The mixed train Photo Runby.

The return move to pick up the passengers. Once we were all aboard we headed back towards Schenley.

Our train near the Junction.

The Schenley Post Office.

The Schenley Station. Now we would run down to the end of the active tracks which is the first piece of rare mileage.

The train run by the shops.

The old industrial buildings of Schenley.

Views along our route.

We would pull down as far as we could then we would come forward down the siding to drop off the freight cars.

Another old building from another time.

Pushing down beyond the switch.

We are now pushing the freight cars to where they will be dropped off.

Kiski Junction Caboose 5.

PL&E Caboose.

Kiski Junction S-1 7135.

Now we are at Junction and we will head for the Kiskiminetas River Bridge, our final piece of rare mileage of the day.

At Junction the line to the line to the ATI Allegheny Dudlum Plant we already rode took off.

Heading for the Kiskiminetas River Bridge.

Views from the Kiskiminetas River Bridge. We came to the property line at the south end of the Kiskiminetas River Bridge thus we came to a stop ending our rare mileage there.

After this view we headed back to Schenley ending an outstanding trip aboard the Kiski Junction Railroad. Next we head to Pittsburgh.

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