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National New York Central Museum Part 2 5/16/2013

by Chris Guenzler

The New York Central System Family.

Displays on a baggage cart.

Railroad workers tools.

Toys for the kids and photos on the wall.

Another display.

A display to the Gandy Dancers.

Toy Thomas the Tank Engine for the little kids.

Two more displays.

Signal and crossing display.

A tooth pick steam engine.

Station Agent Office.

New York Central System and a signal.

More railroad displays.

Steam engine headlight display.

Baggage cart.

History of the New York Central.

A famous New York Central photo.

A case of New York Central paperwork and china.

Another display case.


Two lighted display cases.

More views inside the National New York Central Museum.

Three cases of model trains.

A railroad crossing signal.

Views of the model railroad here at the National New York Central Railroad Museum.

Cases of model trains at the National New York Central Railroad Museum.

Always look at any museum you visit.

More cases of model trains.

This Toy Train Display is dedicated in loving memory of Benjamin S. & Josephine T. Bell by their son 2010. Now I will visit the outside grounds of the National New York Central Railroad Museum.

Out along the path to the outside exhibits.

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