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Union Pacific 3985 Chase, La Plata and a Tornado in Belmont AZ but an all rail trip home! Part 2

by Chris Guenzler

Southwest Chief 3 10/07/2010

The train consisted of Engines 47 and 138, Baggage 1221, Transition 39038, Sleepers 32071 Arizona and 32103 Ohio, Diner 38064, Lounge 33032 with Coaches 34102, 34109 and 31029. Diego would be my Sleeping Car Attendant who didn't have a current train manifest, only the one out of Chicago. Room 7 in the Arizona was open but he wouldn't let me board until the outgoing conductor gave me his manifest out of La Junta that had my name on it. I showed it to Diego so he let me board. I put my stuff in my room and walked back two cars to the Dining Car where the steward gave me a 5:30 PM Dinner Reservation. The bed in my room would still need to be made as all it was now was just a mattress.

The train left Albuquerque with me and my entire train crew from yesterday's train aboard on time. The CD of Keith Richards "Live from the Hollywood Palladium" started my journey west. I asked Diego to put my bed together when I went to Dinner at 5:30 PM but he didn't do that. I was seated with a couple from Montclair and a gentleman from Grover Beach. I enjoyed an excellent steak and vanilla ice cream. I rang the call bell and Diego finally put my bed together as the train sped west towards Gallup.

The beauty of the New Mexico Red Mesas as we dropped down the grade to Gallup which we got into early. The BNSF dispatchers did a fine job weaving us around all the freight traffic out on the railroad this evening. I made up my room and called it a night prior to Winslow.

10/08/2010 I woke up just prior to San Bernardino. After some nice cool morning air, I enjoyed some Chips Ahoy Cookies and Orange Juice in my room. I put on my Metallica CD "Master of Puppets". The train made its way to Riverside then headed towards Fullerton.

The fog was out by the Prado Dam. The train went through Santa Ana Canyon then to Fullerton where there were at least eight TSA agents on the station platform. From here the Southwest Chief made the final sprint towards LAUPT. We waited 6 tenths of a mile from LAUPT for Metrolink 600 for Oceanside and pulled into the station at 8:15 AM. I walked from Track 12 over to Track 10 to wait for my train home to board.

Surfliner 566 10/08/2010

I boarded the Pacific Business Class for my trip to Santa Ana and settled in for my trip home. I hoped for a quick trip which it was. We left LAUPT on time and headed south.

The new Amtrak switcher in Los Angeles is the 591.

Santa Fe 3751 and tender are apart for the first time in years. The train stopped at Fullerton, Anaheim and Orange before the train dropped me off at Santa Ana ending a most interesting series of Amtrak trips.