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The Nickel Plate Railroad Trip Fort Wayne to Lafayette and Return 10/26/2013 Part 3

by Chris Guenzler

We woke up and walked across the street to MacDonald's for Hot Cakes and Sausage. Back in the room, I put the corrections into Part 2 of this story before we checked out and met Dave Smetko out in front of the Motel 6. Bob drove up and then Dave followed us out to the first photo location on County Road 1100 on a great curve on the Norfolk Southern mainline.

View of that great curve.

Our group at that great curve. Keith Schimdt would join us here for this shot and it was always good to see him. We started hearing the NKP 765 whistle about seven miles away on this clear but calm cold morning. The whistle then got louder and louder and soon we saw smoke and then the train coming.

What a great show the NKP 765 put on by our photo location this morning. We said goodbye to Dave before we became Railfans Chasing Trains and I was wearing my T-shirt that said just that on it. We took off after the NKP 765.

A view looking from the car as we chased the NKP 765. From here we drove to our next photo location west of Huntington.

The NKP 765 put on another great show passing by us here too. We got back on the US 24 to our next photo location west of Wabash.

Another great NKP 765 show at this crossing as well. We drove into Peru to catch the engine at rest during the pilot crew change.

Three views of the NKP 765 in Peru.

The train in Peru. We left Peru after the train did but that was our last shot of the NKP 765 as we took too long in Logansport to get to the tracks.

Fall colors on the way to Logansport.

Old Pennsy Railroad signal in Logansport.

The railroad crossing in Logansport.

Toledo Peoria & Western GP-20 2058.

Four views of the Transco Shops in Logansport. From here we headed west on US 24.

You do not have roads like this in California.

The former Pennsylvania Railroad Station in Walcott.

The former Pennsylvania Railroad Station in Remington. Next stop was the Park Forest Railfan viewing platform, a new photo location for me.

On display here in EJ&E Caboose 513.

The viewing platform on the top of the hill.

The wooden walkway to get to it.

CN 2599 South at Park Forest.

That caboose again.

Metra Electric 809 at Park Forest.

CN 2643 West at Park Forest.

CN 2248 East at Park Forest.

Metra Electric 810 at Park Forest.

The rear end of the CN 2248 East. From here we drove to Homewood to show things for Bob and Chris.

IC GP -10 8408 at Homewood. Next I showed them the Railfan Platform at Homewood.

The view from the Railfan Platform at Homewood. Next we drove to Blue Island.

The tower still stands.

View at Blue Island.

Metra train 214 at Blue Island.

Metra train 405 at Blue Island.

BNSF 8765 North at Blue Island.

BNSF 4872 West at Blue Island. From here we drove Chris back to O'Hare then we stopped by KFC and gassed up the rental car which we then returned. We took the bus back to Terminal I and I got TSA Pre which made me not have to take off my shoes, not take the computer out of the bag and no puffer just the old walk though machine. I wrote this part of the story as I waited for my plane home.

Going Home

I flew home on United Airlines Flight UA 473 back to Orange County Airport and called Winston who picked me up and took me home ending an excellent steam adventure to Fort Wayne, Indiana.