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The Nickel Plate Railroad Trip Fort Wayne to Lafayette and Return 10/26/2013 Part 2

by Chris Guenzler

We got up and met in the lobby where I picked up some Coca-Cola for the trip before we went across the street to MacDonald's for Hot Cakes and sausage. From here we drove into Fort Wayne and found the parking area for the trip today to Lafayette. Now we had time to get pictures of the NKP 765 steaming away in the predawn hours.

The first two views on NKP 765.

Three more views of NKP 765.

Two more rear views of the NKP 765.

Next a reflection picture in a window that caught my eye. We returned to the warmth of the rental car on a cold and very windy Indiana morning. About 7:30 AM we got into line and met Dave and Kathy Smetko. I met several of my other rare mileage friends on this trip today. The train had this consist for the trip today: NKP 765, FWRR 701 Tool Car Glenn E Brendel, NS 42 Tennessee Coach/power car, NS 46 New Jersey Coach, NS 47 Louisiana Coach, NS 28 Powhatan Arrow Coach 800780, NS 29 Powhatan Arrow 800781, MRLX 4013 Golden Surf Coach, MRLX 4001 Golden Sea Coach, MRLX 8701 Concession Car, MRLX Bryce Canyon Coach 800880, MRLX Silver Larch Coach 800728 , MRLX Golden Sands Coach 800748, SLRG 511 Scenic View Full Dome 800124, SLRG 551 Sky View Full Dome 800966, NYC 43 800411 Lounge, Hickory Creek Observation Car 800733. At 8:07 AM they started boarding the train.

Bob and Chris Parker aboard our car, the second car behind the NKP 765.

James Harris from Raleigh, North Carolina, a friend from the NRHS, joined us at our seats for this trip today.

The Trip

We left our cars in Fort Wayne at 8:42 AM and we started the trip to Lafayette.

The train ran by the old GE plant in Fort Wayne.

The train ran by this lake as we left Fort Wayne behind.

These trees have lost their leaves already.

The crops have all been picked.

The ticket for my trip today.

Fall colors could be seen at times on this trip.

A reflection of Bob enjoying the trip.

The court house in Huntington, Indiana.

A very small Wabash River at this point.

A barn from the train.

The Wabash River.

More trees.

Down at the end of the road.

Views on the way to Peru.

We pulled into Peru for a pilot engineer change. I walked forward to the concession car.

Dave and Kathy Smetko.

We left Peru, next stop would be Lafayette.

Out across the Indiana countryside our train went.

The train ran through Logansport.

The train crossed the Wabash River at Logansport.

The train ran by the Logansport State Hospital on the way out of town.

The train ran by the ADM Plant west of Logansport.

The train ran by this Ethanol plant along the railroad.

Three views of the train chasers today.

More of that Indiana countryside.

Two musicians got us to sing the Wabash Cannonball and Rolling on the Railroad.

More of that Indiana countryside.

A switcher working a grain plant.

Another view of those train chasers.

Crossing another stream.

A small lake as we arrived into Lafayette.

An old building that CSX once used. The train then backed into the unloading area and almost all the passengers detrained to be bussed into town to get lunch. I stayed aboard to write this story and call Let's Talk Trains. After that I would relax and do that the whole way back to Fort Wayne. After all the passengers returned we wyed the train and headed back to Fort Wayne with a pilot engineer change stop in Peru.

The sunset on this great day. We returned to Fort Wayne at 7:17 PM. A great trip behind the NKP 765 and a special thank you to entire Fort Wayne Railroad Historical Society crew and staff.

Once we got out of the parking lot, we all went to the Liberty Diner for dinner, then returned to the Motel 6 for the night.

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