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Fort Smith Trolley Museum Part 2 9/11/2010

by Chris Guenzler

I got off the Daytime Meteorite and walked over to the Car Barn to see about doing the other part of the trolley line. I walked over to where I had boarded yesterday to wait. The Car 224 came to the station by the mural and loaded up full with our train's passengers. I set up for a picture.

The Car 224 came by my photo location but did not stop.

Here was a going away shot.

The car stopped and I walked down for another picture. From here I walked back to the station where the people had boarded. They came up with a great idea since time was not on our side. When the trolley returned the operator was told to run non stop to the end of the line to get back here in ten minutes. Then they would unload the first group and we would board for a non stop except to change ends at each end of the line so we would be back in plenty of time to reboard our train.

The Car 224 came back into the station and our group all boarded for the quickest trip ever on the Fort Smith Trolley Line.

Car 224 started our trip.

The train took the tight curve to turn east.

Car 224 has crossed the crossing.

The trolley run past this switch.

Members of our train group took pictures of us while I shot a picture of them.

The train took the next slight curve.

You could see the MKT Car and the nose of the steam engine.

The cemetery is on the other side of this wall.

The last curve on this part of the line.

The Car 224 has come to the end of the line.

Car 224 has switched ends and poles and we left that end of the line. From here we would go to the other end of the line non stop.

Views as we traveled to the other end of the trolley line. We switched ends and poles again.

From here we returned to where we started. I thanked the Fort Smith Trolley Staff for the excellent quick trip before we all headed back to our excursion train.