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The Pike Peak Cog Railroad 7/13/2009 Part 2

by Chris Guenzler

Getting higher and higher.

Looking back at Lake Moraine.

Above the tree line as we continue to climb the grade to the summit of Pikes Peak.

Nearing the saddle.

Views from the saddle.

Rocks, rocks and more rocks.

Lake Moraine

The train that has been following us to the top of Pikes Peak.

We have reached the remains of a snow bank.

The other train is still behind us.

Climbing higher and higher.

The views get better and better.

That train behind is getting closer and closer.

Still climbing.

Still behind us.

The Pike Peak Toll Road came into view.

It is a long way down. They made us put the windows up so I did not take any more pictures until after the train had arrived at the summit of Pikes Peak at 14,115 ft. Here we all detrained for thirty minutes and I got off to start taking pictures.

The end of the track at Pikes Pike.

The two train sets at Pikes Peak.

The Summit House.

The switch at Pikes Peak.

Looking from the north to the southeast off of Pikes Peak. I walked over for another view in a different directions.

Southeast to Northwest with that mine at Victor in the picture.

This motorcyclist is proud that he made it up the Pikes Peak Toll Road to the summit of Peaks Peak.

Views from the North to the Northwest.

The north side of Pikes Peak is really steep.

The pikes Peak Sign.

Proof I made it to the top of Pike Peak.

The trains at the summit of Pikes Peak.

The end of track at Pikes Peak.

The tracks looking up and down.

One last picture before I reboarded the train. The lady across from me discovered she had lost her camera bag with all of her memory sticks from her family vacation. She tried to find it but could not. About the time we were about to leave, the conductor made an announcement if anyone had found it and one passenger said it was over on the top of the wall of the lookout point. She made a quick run at 14,115 ft and retrieved her camera bag. When she came back, we gave her a round of applause.

Two more pictures from the summit of Pikes Peak. The train then left the summit of Pikes Peak with all aboard. I would enjoy the ride down the grade and relax.

The train ahead of us heading down the grade off Pikes Peak.

Five trains at Windy Point, four passengers and one work train.

The train ahead of us heading down the Big Hill.

The train ahead on that longest straight track on the railroad.

At Minnehaha we went through the siding meeting two more trains heading up Pikes Peak.

Two more pictures of rocks formations. The train returned us to Manitou Springs ending a fantastic trip on the Pikes Peak Cog Railroad. I drove back to Denver and checked in at the La Quinta Inn. I gassed the rental car then returned it to Enterprise. I walked over to Denver Union Station and picked up my tickets for the New Year trip to La Plata and find out where the bus for Raton leaves from in the morning. I walked back to the hotel in a thunderstorm and then spent the rest of the day writing stories.