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Fillmore Railfest 2011 3/26/2011 Part 2

by Chris Guenzler

I boarded the train and walked out to the open car behind the steam engine. I took the seat right behind it to hear and feel the power of this wonderful steam engine.

F&W 3502.

Salt Lake Garfield DS4.

F&W 4009.

Amtrak Coach/Dorm 39923.

Ex C&O Dome Car.


Ventura County S-6 11.

The train passed Bell Station.

The train came to the fake tunnel.

The train exited the fake tunnel.

Our train crossed CA Highway 126.

The photographers were out this morning.

The train headed towards our turn back location at the Fillmore Fish Hatchery Road.

Looking back towards Fillmore. They announced that our photo runby location would be the fake tunnel and we should be careful of the mud. The location I would have used was a levee which was dry and the photo line would have been out on it with the sun prefect with the mountains behind the train. We left Fillmore Fish Hatchery Road and returned through the Fake Tunnel where we all detrained.

The back up move.

The Photo Runby.

We reboarded the train and headed back into Fillmore.

More photographers as we returned into Fillmore.

The Santa Paula Train is almost ready to depart as we returned. I detrained a happy railfan.

Two more views of the Fillmore & Western 14.

The Santa Paula Train departed and I called Lets Talk Trains before I headed to Travel Town to write a story about it.