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Trains and Travel Feather River Express The Return of the California Zephyr Part 2

by Chris Guenzler

Our train dropped into the San Joaquin Valley and crossed the waters of the California Aqueduct.

We left the hills of the Coast Line behind.

The rear lounge area of the Silver Solarium.

View out of the rear of the Silver Solarium.

The car has a GPS Screen to show you where the train is at all times of a trip.

The bar underneath the dome in the Silver Solarium has this always friendly bartender ready to serve you.

At Tracy we took the siding there to meet a westbound Altamont Commuter Express Train.

We then crossed the old Southern Pacific West Valley Line now operated by California Northern Railroad.

Our train crossed the San Joaquin River.

The train passed through the ACE Station at Manteca.

Our train swung on to the former Southern Pacific Valley Line for our trip through Stockton.

At Lathrop we turned north to head into Stockton.

In Stockton we crossed the BNSF mainline to Richmond.

The former western Pacific Stockton Station.

The Southern Pacific Stockton Station is used by the ACE Commuter Trains.

The dispatcher had us on the wrong track at El Pinal to return to the former Western Pacific.

At El Pinal we had to make a reverse move through a crossover in order to reach our planned route.

Inside the Silver Lariat.

Hard working attendant working on napkins for lunch. Most of California Zephyr Railcars Charters Onboard Staff are professional railroaders that have been in the passenger business for many years and give first class service.

The bar beneath the Silver Lariat Dome.

The Dome of the Silver Lariat.

Our train is now back on the Former Western Pacific for the trip to Portola.

Table setting for lunch in the Silver Lariat.

Upon departure from Oakland Chris Skow gave out the souvenir booklets to all passengers. Also he gave out packets of original Western Pacific/California Zephyr Tickets, WP Forms and Timetables of which came from the Oroville Depot basement in 1975.

Our train crossed the fields as we headed for Sacramento.

Mokelumne River.

Cosumnes River.

Our train played Cat and Mouse with the Sacramento Light Rail line train.

The location of the old Western Pacific Jeffrey Shops in South Sacramento.

Passengers sitting for lunch in the Silver Lariat. Sitting to the right is Eugene Vicknair, Secretary & Director of the Feather River Rail Society and Western Pacific Railroad Museum in Portola. He was invited onboard to talk to the passengers regarding the history of the Western Pacific and Feather River Rail Society and answer any questions they might have.

The former Western Pacific Sacramento Station is a restaurant.

Lunch today was a Chicken Salad.

Crossing under the former Southern Pacific CalP line.

The excellent server serving the passengers lunch.

Happy passengers enjoying lunch.

Crew Change at Haggin.

The American River.

Dome of the Silver Solarium.

Looking down into the Lounge of the Silver solarium.

View from the Dome of the Silver Solarium.

Lounge of the Silver Solarium.

The Modoc Railroad Academy.

The GPS in the Silver Solarium giving me an update on our train's location. I sat back and enjoyed the Silver Solarium Lounge while everyone else was eating lunch.

The Yuba River.

The former Western Pacific Marysville Station.

Binney Junction where we crossed the former Southern Pacific Shasta Route.

The Sutter Buttes.

Curving into Oroville.

Oroville Yard.

The former Western Pacific Oroville Station.

The Diversion Dam.

Crossing the Feather River.

Our train passed a BNSF freight at Kramm.

Running along Table Mountain.

Views looking off Table Mountain.

We held the mainline at Elsey for this long Union Pacific Manifest Freight before we continued on.

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