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Eureka Springs & North Arkansas Railway 4/8/2009 Part 2

by Chris Guenzler

The passengers boarded the ESNA 2585 Coach and took their seats. The engine then cut off the front of the train and took the siding past us and headed to the ESNA Turntable to turned for the trip north.

The ESNA 4752 took a spin on the ESNA Turntable.

Now the engine will head back to the train.

The ESNA 4742 returned to our train and the trip is about to begin. We leave Eureka Springs and head north.

Sewer Line runs along Leatherwood Creek to the Treatment Plant.

View through the trees with the creek and the Sewer Line.

Inside of the ESNA 2585 ex Rock Island Commuter Coach with a pot belly stove.

Leatherwood Creek.

Scenes along Leatherwood Creek.

Trees in bloom.

Interesting rock strata.

Sewer Line heading towards the Treatment Plant runs along Leatherwood Creek.

Two more scenes along Leatherwood Creek.

An old steam channel that Leatherwood Creek once used.

The east leg of the wye as our train stopped and passengers could get out.

The ESNA 4742 cut off of our train to be wyed.

The ESNA 4742 on the trestle on the west leg of the wye.

Passengers enjoying the fresh air.

The ESNA 4742 on the east leg of the wye.

The ESNA 4752 has almost completed wyeing itself. I returned to the train for the back to Eureka Springs.

The unloading area at the wye.

The wye south switch.

The train passing through the trees.

The trestle across the Leatherwood Creek.

Views along our route.

This location is the old petting zoo which didn't work out.

Crossing another creek on a small trestle.

The grade crossing on the route.

More views along our route.

Crossing Leatherwood Creek.

The train has returned to the ESNA Yard. I thanked the crew for an excellent trip before I returned to my car. I left Eureka Springs via Arkansas Highway 23 to near Huntsville where I got on US Highway 412 to Springdale then on Interstate 540 to Fayetteville. I stayed at Best Western Windsor Suites and had a KFC Buffet for dinner. I was working on the Branson Scenic Story when the wild weather started. Pea size hail, pouring rain and 65 mile an hours winds was something to see out through the wind plus loud thunder and lightning. I was luckey as Mina, Arkansas was destroyed by a Torando. I called it a night and got a good night rest.


It was lightly raining as I had a continental breakfast and drove to Springdale, Arkansas for my trip on the Arkansas and Missouri Railroad.