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West Texas & Lubbock Dimmet Line Moose Trip 11/22/2010 Part 2

by Chris Guenzler

The Moose continued rolling east.

Two more rear views.

The color green stands out in West Texas.

Milepost 336.

Trees are a rare thing in West Texas.

Edmonson, Texas.

The flagman where busy this morning.

More of Edmonson, Texas.

The Moose Chasers.

Edmonson, Texas.

An active Cotton Gin.


Water is amazing with what it can do in nature.

Another line side industry.

The Moose Chasers.

A Field Sprinkler.

Results of that kind of sprinkler.

Milepost 333.

Someone's home.

Another grain elevator along our route.

Bundles of Cotton along our route.

Milepost 331.

There was a set of locomotives ahead of us. They moved so we could reach the property line with the BNSF.

The next set of Moose Riders were waiting for our return.

We went to the BNSF property line and then returned to the grade crossing where our group unloaded from the Moose with our ride completed. I got the car keys from Randy then Dave and I headed into Plainview making a stop on the way there.

The West Texas & Lubbock power set at the BNSF Property Line.

ILSX 1388.

Arizona Eastern 2170. Dave and I headed into Plainview to find the old Santa Fe Station there.

The Santa Fe Station Plainview, Texas. From here Dave and I went after the Moose. We took the wrong road out of town but after taking a few roads returned to the right highway to Dimmet. Soon we caught up with the Moose and went into Hart to get a picture.

The Moose went by West Hart.

Now we were the Moose Chasers. We got in front then pulled off of the highway to wait for the Moose to catch up.

The Moose going by us.. From here we went back to Dimmet.

The Dimmet FW&D Station. I got the pictures into the computer then got ready for the story later tonight.

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