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NRHS Vista Cruise Lines Harbor Dinner Tour Part 2

by Chris Guenzler

Our boat took us right near Ore Dock 6 the active Canadian National Railroad Ore Dock.

A ship is being loaded with Taconite Pellets.

A Canadian National Ore Train is on the dock.

Two views of the Ore Docks here.

Another view of that CN train.

The ore docks are most impressive. I then sat down and had my dinner. After that it was more pictures to take.

The coal terminal on the Superior side of the bay.

Another large lake ship.

Another scrap terminal on the Duluth side of the bay.

The US Highway 2 Bridge with the Grassy Point Drawbridge beyond.

The open draw span on the Grassy Point Bridge.

Three views of the US Highway 2 Bridge.

Limestone dock.

A large lake ship on the bay.

More coal.

That ship is still loading coal into it.

Algoma Central Marine.

The Interstate 535 Bridge.

Another large lake ship in for unloading.


The sun has set over the hills above Duluth.

Coast Guard Ice Breaker.

The Duluth Marina.

Aerial Lift Bridge which we now wait to pass under to get out onto Lake Superior.

The Aerial Lift Bridge now lifts so we can pass underneath.

Our boat will now pass beneath the Aerial Lift Bridge and head for Lake Superior.

Looking up at the Aerial Lift Bridge.

Lighthouse on the right.

The Aerial Lift Bridge looks good in any kind of light.

Lighthouses on both sides of the channel.

Leaving the harbor entrance behind as we head out onto the waters of Lake Superior.

The shoreline of Duluth.

We left the Aerial Lift Bridge behind as we headed further out onto Lake Superior.


The boat returned under the Aerial Lift Bridge and back to the dock ending an excellent cruise aboard the Vista Fleet. After we docked, I took the school bus back to the Radisson then walked the five blocks back to the Best Western for the night.