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Train Festival 2011 Cancelled Night Photo Session

by Chris Guenzler

As I was resting major thunderstorms came into the Quad City Area. We drove down to the event for the Night Photo Session but were told it was canceled and a another major storm cell was heading straight for Rock Island in twenty minutes. We were told we were at our own risk if we wanted to take any picture. Using the light that was available I quickly took a set of pictures.

My first shot was the CB&Q 9911A and CNW F7A 411.

Next just a general picture of the area.

I adjusted the camera for some different pictures.

Iowa Interstate 513.

The Amtrak Heritage Units.

Lehigh Coal 105.

Viscose 6.

the Leviathan 63 and CB&Q SW7 9255.

One more view of the Amtrak Heritage Units. With that done in less than ten minutes, I returned to the Motel 6 to write this day's story before calling it a night.