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Cripple Creek& Victor Narrow Gauge Railroad Story 7/12/2009 Part 2

by Chris Guenzler

I boarded the 4:20 PM train and took a seat in the open air covered car. Here is a view of the two foot gauge track this railroad runs over. Unlike my 3:20 PM train which I was the sole rider, this train filled up and left just as a few more people showed up.

Leaving the Cripple Creek Station.

The yard is now left with just one live locomotive in it.

We passed the former Midland Terminal Railroad Station now a museum.

Passing the mine shaft just south of the station.

I hoped the rain would leave this trip alone.

This time we left the Midland Terminal Railroad wye behind.

Looking back at Cripple Creek.

The trestle that we had just crossed.

A mine building.

The view ahead.

The view behind.

One last view of Cripple Creek.

A speeder came through the cut and found us coming. He made a quick reverse move and took off fast to get out of our way.

We passed through that cut.

A view of that speeder running away.

Another cut we had passed through.

More mine shafts were passed.

Our engine continues to pull as it climbs the grade towards Anaconda, our destination.

More mines.

The highway curving below.

Mines on the hillside above the tracks.

The road far below twists and turns.

Through a curve and cut.

Aspen Trees.

The train took this curve.

Tailings from another mine.

The engine steams ahead around a curve.

The train passed through this cut.

Views looking below our grade.

Crossing the Million Dollar Fill.

The train entered another cut.

Two views of what were called glory holes where miners would dig and hope they got lucky!

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