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Canadian Pacific 2816 Thief River Falls to Winnipeg Part 2 9/17/2007

by Chris Guenzler

Once the Canadian Pacific 2816 had stopped in the Emerson Yard, everyone was brought into the coaches and we all got out our passports. I also took out my Northwest Airline Boarding Pass as I figured that I just might need it. I caught up on my story while I waited for the Canadian Custom Officials to walk the train. One agent worked each side of the train and when they came to me, they asked "When will you be leaving Canada?" I handed them my boarding pass and said "Tomorrow morning at 6:20 AM from the Winnipeg Airport." She smiled and said "Welcome to Canada and I said "Thank you!". Once Customs was done, we were free to wander the train again. I returned to the open door baggage car and we waited for the group of riders from Winnipeg.

The 100 passengers from Winnipeg have arrived. We soon departed Emerson for Winnipeg.

A street in Emerson.

The Canadian Pacific 2816 left the Emerson Yard for Winnipeg and took the first curve out of Emerson.

A look back at our train in Manitoba.

The border does not change the scenery much but now we were seeing the Canadian Prairie.

The Canadian Pacific 2816 came into Dominion City where there is a life size replica of a giant sturgeon fish caught in the Roseau River in 1903. The fish was the largest ever caught in Manitoba fresh water and was a true giant-fifteen feet long and over 300 pounds!

There is a big red grain elevator in Otterburne that could be seen for over ten miles ahead of our train before we got there.

Later the Canadian Pacific 2816 ran though Niverville passing more grain elevators. Soon we were in the outer part of Winnipeg. Soon there were many people out waving at our train.

The Canadian Pacific 2816 crossed a Canadian National branch line as we entered Winnipeg.

A few minutes later, the Canadian Pacific 2816 went under the Canadian National mainline that I had crossed over this line many times before on the Via Canadian. The Canadian Pacific 2816 soon reached Whittier Junction where we turned west onto the Canadian Pacific mainline and headed into downtown Winnipeg.

The Canadian Pacific 2816 took us across the Red River of the North and a few minutes later we ran by the former Canadian Pacific Winnipeg Station. The Canadian Pacific 2816 made its way into the CP Winnipeg Shops and we finally came to a stop at the Canadian Pacific Weston Shops. Here we detrained to wait for the shuttle bus to the Fort Garry Hotel. I found Frank and Steve Sandburg who I thanked for the excellent trip over this unique trip behind the Canadian Pacific 2816.

Winnipeg 9/17/2007

I boarded the first shuttle bus to the former Fort Garry Hotel and checked in getting Room 604. The Fort Garry Hotel is designated as a national historic site. The former Grand Trunk Railway hotel has been a Winnipeg icon since 1913; through two world wars, two city floods and the Winnipeg General Strike. Now in its ninth decade, the success of this grand Winnipeg hotel has never been more apparent as when I stepped into my room. What a fantastic room. I walked over to the Keg Restaurant and had a wonderful Baseball Sirloin for dinner. I walked over to the VIA Rail Station to pick up some National Timetables. I returned to the hotel, checked my e-mail at the front counter before I returned to my room. I set out my clothes for my early AM departure, showered and called it a night.

Coming Home 9/18/2007

I was up at 4 AM, I showered, checked out and then took a taxi to Winnipeg Airport where I filled out my USA Custom Declaration Form and waited for the line to open at 5 AM. It opened and it was fast and easy. At the security line they were more interested in my camera than in me. I boarded my Northwest Airlines Flight 126 getting into a DC-9 for the flight to Minneapolis taking Seat 11F. The plane took off at 6:21 AM CDT and we flew across the cloudy skies until we touched down in the rain at MSP at 7:20 AM and came into Gate G21. I made my way to Gate G2 stopping at a newsstand for a USA Today for my next plane trip to LAX and McDonald's for a much needed breakfast. I then waited for Northwest Airlines Flight 319 to board. I was boarded onto this 757-200 Aircraft at 8:35 AM CDT and we took off from MSP in the rain at 9:05 AM CDT. It was cloudy until Colorado then a beautiful trip over the Rocky Mountains and Utah. We touched down at LAX at 10:58 AM PDT. I was at the Flyaway Sign on the lower level by 11:18 AM and at 11:38 AM the Union Station Flyaway Bus. It picked me up and nine minutes later we left the airport. We arrived at Los Angeles Union Station at 12:13 PM and I gave the driver my return ticket. I walked to a waiting Surfliner 774 which returned me to Santa Ana on time ending a fantastic three days with the CP 2816 and one day when it had double headed with the Milwaukee Road 261. I dropped off the film at Main Photo before I returned home bringing this wonderful but quick trip to an end.