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Coopersville & Marne Railway 5/12/2013 Part 2

by Chris Guenzler

At 10:00 AM our trip started as we left Coopersville.

Our train crossed Deer Creek which is one of the few flowing steams in the area.

Out into the Michigan countryside we went.

It was still cloudy and cold this morning in Michigan.

A red barn.

A look towards the south. We stopped at Titusville for our first photo runby of the day.

The back up move.

The Titusville station sign.

Photo Runby 1.

Now Bart will pose the train for photography.

The posed pictures of our train.

The train had to back to clear the grade crossing for a few minutes.

It then pulled back up to the crossing so we could board the train.

Our group boarding the train. From here we went east to our next Photo runby location and we all detrained. Here one could get two shots during this double Photo Runby. We all went to the same spot for the first Photo Runby.

Back up move 2.

Photo Runby 2. I was the only one who moved to the other Photo Runby location.

Back up move 3.

Photo Runby 3.

The train then backed up to pick us all up.

More of that exciting Michigan countryside.

Our train crossed Sand Creek.

We arrived into Marne and were allowed to detrain. There were two passenger cars under restoration here in Marne.

We went to the back of our train to wait for the engine to run around the train.

The engine came down the siding by our train.

The engine then coupled onto our train and we all reboarded for a quick trip back to Coopersville. I told Bart that Elizabeth and I had to get going and to use our Speeder Trip money for the Southern Appalachia Railway Museum projects. Once we were back in Coopersville, we detrained and we drove east.

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