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Colorado Railroad Museum 50th Birthday Celebration 7/11/2009 Part 2

by Chris Guenzler

After a wonderful parade of narrow gauge equipment around the museum's track, the Rio Grande 346 then started getting its train out of storage to pull the trips around the museum. The RGS Galloping Goose 7 would also be doing passenger duties this afternoon. It took about twenty minutes before the Rio Grande 346 pulled its train forward then backed into the boarding area. Since I had been standing at the front of the line for over an hour trying to get through to Lets Talk Trains who was have their 7th Anniversary Show today but with no luck, I got to board first and sat in the open air covered car.

This would be my ride behind Rio Grande 326.

I started a long line which they finally had to cut off and those people waited for the next train.

The crew had a quick meeting and with a toot of the whistle we were off on a three times around the museum trip.

The train left the boarding area.

We passed Rio Grande K-37 491.

The train crossed the main road in.

The Roundhouse.

Curving behind the roundhouse.

Still taking that curve.

The Santa Fe Navajo looks good from this view.

Coming to the No Aqua Station and water tower.

Taking the curve I shot the parade on.

Taking the last curve before we completed our first loop.

Back by the boarding area.

The train crossed the road.

By the roundhouse.

Passing more equipment.

At the No Aqua Station the Rio Grande 346 took on water from the water tower.

The train took that curve.

The train went back by the boarding area for the second time. The third loop I just relaxed and enjoyed the sounds and smell of the Rio Grande 346. I detrained a happy train rider. I went and got a hot dog and coke before I went up to a bench above the tracks and waited for the Rio Grande 346 to start its next trip.

The Rio Grande 346 and train passed my location.

RGS Galloping Goose 7 came by me next.

Rio Grande 346 made a finally pass by my location. It had been a great experience visiting the Colorado Railroad Museum twice in four days. They have a wonderful collection and they know how to put on a fantastic show! I left the museum and drove into Denver for my next train trip.