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Colorado Railroad Museum 50th Birthday Celebration 7/11/2009

by Chris Guenzler

I woke up at the Motel 6 in Fort Collins and worked on stories for about two hours then went to the Waffle House for breakfast for the first time. I checked out of the motel then drove to the Colorado Railroad Museum but got stopped short when I saw something.

A BNSF freight at the Golden station sign. After that I parked across the street from the Colorado Railroad Museum.

I walked across the road into the museum.

Nothing had changed except the lighting from my last visit a few days ago. I went inside and picked up my train ticket to ride the first trip behind the Rio Grande 346 today at noon. I went outside and got up on the porch of the narrow gauge coach for a better view and to be out of the sun.

Today is the Colorado Railroad Museum's 50th Birthday.

A nice crowd of people had gathered for the Birthday Party.

The Color Guard waits for its moment in the sun.

Donald Tallman, Director of the Museum, welcomed everyone to the event.

The Colors were then presented.

Donald Tallman then sang our National Anthem.

Bill Robie, Present Board of Directors spoke next.

The crowd listened to all the speakers.

Local officials were then introduced.

Next Cornelius W. Hauck gave a brief history of the museum.

I then decided it was time to set up for the parade of engines. Here is Florence & Cripple Creek 588.

One last look at the gathering. I went over to the curve in the northwest part of the museum and waited.

RGS Galloping Goose 2 would be first in line in the Parade of Engines.

The Rio Grande 346 would be second.

The view from where I was set up to photograph the parade of engines.

RGS Galloping Goose 2 started the Parade of Engines.

RGS Galloping Goose 2 going away.

Rio Grande 346 moves up and waits its turn.

Rio Grande 346 coming.

Rio Grande 346 going.

RGS Galloping Goose 6 coming.

RGS Galloping Goose 6 going.

Golden City & San Juan 3 coming.

Golden City & San Juan 3 going.

RGS Galloping Goose 7 coming.

RGS Galloping Goose 7 going.

Golden City & San Juan 4 coming.

Golden City & San Juan 4 going.

Next a speeder went by as part of the Parade of Engines.

D&RGW 50. This completes the first of four passes of the Parade of Engines.


RGS Galloping Goose 3.

Rio Grande 346 passes by once again.

Rio Grande 346. After that I went back and sat in the shade of the tent and tried calling Lets Talk Trains with no luck just a busy signal.

Rio Grande 346.

RGS Galloping Goose 3. I then started the line to board the train that will be pulled by the Rio Grande 346.

Click here for the ride behind Rio Grande 346