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The Colorado Railroad Museum Part 2

by Chris Guenzler

Argentine Central GLRR Shay 14.

D&RGW Flat Car X-3050.

D&LM Caboose 902.

D&RGW Pile Driver OB.

UTLX Tank Car 11058.

A pair of unmarked Gondolas.

D&RGW Box Car 3272.

Royal Gorge CB&L 2-8-0 K-37 499.

Caboose 0400.

RGS Galloping Goose 7.

D&RGW Caboose 0588.

Unnamed steam engine body.

D&RGW GP-30 3011.

C&S Box Car 8310.

C&S Box Car 1113.

Steam engine tender from engine 583.

Roundhouse scene.

UTLX Tank Car 55172.

A steam engine tender.

D&RGW Caboose 45.

Uintah Railway 50.

CB&Q Caboose 13862.

Denver South Park & Pacific 2-8-0 191.

Rio Grande 346.

Roundhouse scene.

Rio Grande 346.

Rio Grande Southern Rico.

Box Car used as an office.

REA Express Box Car. From here I walked over to west side of the museum to see what I could see there.

Passenger Coach 4.

D&RGW Coach 280.

D&RGW Flat Car 209.

CB&L Open Car 1133.

D&RGW Caboose 0578.

D&RGW Flanger OC.

D&RGW Caboose 0574.

D&RGW K-37 491.

WW&IB Test Weight Car 910.

CB&Q Caboose 1066.

Coors Box Car ADCX 5400.

CB&Q Work Train Car 21766.

D&RGW Box Car 3661.

Equipment Box Car.

Rio Grande Southern Caboose 0404.

GB&L 9228 and 1036.

CB&Q 4-8-4 5629.

GB&L Open Car 1163.

Florence & Cripple Creek Box Car 588.

More equipment is stored waiting its turn to be placed on exhibition someday in the future.

D&SL Telephone Booth MP 97.8. With the outside exhibits covered I went inside and down the stairs to see what was there.

First I found these engines on display. Behind me was a large model railroad.

Views of this interesting model railroad. I went to the front counter and thanked them and they sent me to meet the Museum Director. He gave me the plan for the Saturday 50th Birthday Party for the Colorado Railroad Museum as I would be back here after the UP Historical Society Convention in Cheyenne. I thanked him and headed for my car.

I could not pass up this picture of the Coors SW-8 988.

I shot one last picture of that REA Express Car before I left for Laramie for this night.

Click here for the Colorado Railroad Museum 50th Birthday Party