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My Train Trips 1980 through 2000

Here are stories of Chris Guenzler's journeys on the trains of North America from 1980 through 2000. The stories are in chronologial order, the most recent can be found at the top and the oldest by scrolling down to the bottom of the page.

Click here 12/2000 to read about the trip to complete riding all the passenger trains of Canada on the Algoma Central.

Read about my trip to Hawaii, the 50th state in which I have ridden a train.

Pack your bags for a 33 day train trip when I almost finished all of Canada. Trips on Via, Algoma Central, Ontario Northland, Quebec North Shore and Labrador, Via's Bras D' Or and Amtrak including the Kentucky Cardinal.

The Janesville Jaunt 6/2000 Come along on the SW Chief, Lake County Limited, Texas Eagle, 14 hours in San Antonio and a 12 hour late Sunset Limited.

My trip to Vancouver Island. Coast Starlight, Mt Baker International and Via's Malahat.

A Tribute the the now closed Bell Mountain Railroad.

A day's ride on Metrolink 1/2000

The coldest trip that I have ever taken on the Canadian, Coast Starlight, Mt Baker International, Canadian Hudson Bay, Lynn Lake Mixed Train and the Skeena.

Read about my trip on the Heartland Flyer to Oklahoma, Sunset Limited, Texas Eagle and Heartland Flyer.

Take the journey 8/1999 as I reclaim Canada for my sobriety on the Ocean and Canadian, plus the new routes of Via's corridor to Ottawa, Quebec City and Windsor then the Chaleur to Gaspe, the Saquencay from Jonquirre and the Abititi to and from Senneterre.

The 1999 National Railway Society Convention 6/1999

My first trip to Alaska Anchorage to Fairbanks and return!

The New Sacramento to Bakersfield San Joaquin 2/1999

Copper Canyon 6 12/1998 The Three Quarter Dome Trip

Round in Circles with South Dakota 8/1998 in the middle - Milwaukee Road 261 excursion North Kansas City to Minneapolis. Sunset Limited, City of New Orleans, Empire Builder Coast Starlight, Southwest Chief, the 261 and home via Vancouver, WA.

The Mt Shasta Daylight Trip 6/1998

The reverse routing trip in which I ride in the opposite direction over some routes I have previously ridden on. Southwest Chief, Lakeshore Limited, Old Dominion, Silver Metour, Silver Star, Piedmont, Cresent and Sunset Limited. 4/1998

First Pacific Parlour Car Trip.11/1997

Finishing the Amtrak system sober and Fall Colors Trip: Southwest Chief, St Louis Mule, City of New Orleans, Sunset Limited, Silver Palm, Maple Leaf, International, California Zephyr and San Joaquin.

A trip to Rutland via the Chief, the Cardinal, Night Owl, Bay State, Ethan Allen Express, Three Rivers and the CZ. 6/1997

Jucumba and Beyond 4/1997

Hale Bopp, the Northwest via El Paso: The Sunset Limited, Coast Starlight, Empire Builder and the Mt Baker International. 3/1997

Copper Canyon 5 12/1996 Sober South of the Border

Ride along as I reclaim Arkansas, Montana, North Dakota, Minnesota and Wisconson and live out a gangster fantasy. Texas Eagle, Desert Wind, Coast Starlight, Empire Builder and the Desert Wind again. 11/1996

The Descanso, Alpine & Pacific Railroad plus the SP 2353 Campo to Miller Creek Run. 9/1996

Join with me as I finish riding the entire Amtrak System taking the Desert Wind, Michigan Service, International, Maple Leaf, Corridor Service, Adironick, Vermonter, Lake Shore Limited, Capitol Limited, Silver Meteor and the Sunset Limited.

My trip on San Diegan 585 with the IC3 Flexliner 7/1996

Take a trip to the Southeast where I rode for the first time the Crescent, Carolinian, sevice to Newport News, Silver Star and the Sunset Transcontinental.4/1996

Talgo in San Diegan Service Train 3/1996

The second trip over the Tijuana and Tecate. 2/1996

Ride on the Yolo Shortline to Clarksburg from West Sacramento and Woodland to Lovdal 5/1995

First Sober Long Distance Train Trip: Ride along when I take the Sunset Limited back to New Orleans, City of New Orleans, Pioneer to Seattle, Mt Baker Imternational and Coast Starlight. 4/1995

Sobriety Occurred 1/18/1995 Sober stories above, drinking day stories below.

Go East Young Man to Greeley, Colorado 11/1994

I'm off to ride the Talgo 8/1994

Union Pacific E Units to Westwood 7/1994

Southern Pacific 2472 to Tangier 5/1994

First Capitol trip. 12/28/1993

Join me on my first ride on the Illinois Zephyr and the whole Empire Builder route: Southwest Chief, St Louis Mule, City of New Orleans, Illinios Zephyr, Empire Builder and Coast Starlight.

A Thanksgiving Tale:Texas Eagle, Pere Marquette and Southwest Chief. 11/1993

Southern Pacific 2472 to Tracy 7/31/93

Fillmore Western Steam Trip 7/93, 7/29/1995 and 3/24/2000

The Drunkard Experience - First Transcontinental Sunset Limited with being thrown off in New Orleans, The River Cities, Southwest Chief and first ever Texas Eagle run.

Copper Canyon 4 Early into Mexicali. 12/1992

NRHS trip to San Jose City of San Francisco 3985/2472

U.P. 3985 Pacific Limited Salt Lake City to San Jose 7/1992

Colorado and Wyoming Trip 6/1992

Union Pacific 3985 UPHRS Sherman Hill Trip 6/1992

Santa Fe 3751 over Tehachapi 12/1991

Oh Canda, My first coast to coast trip: Desert Wind, Pioneer, Canadian, Ocean and Atlantic plus a rerouted Canadian on the return and the Coast Starlight. 6/1991

Union Pacific 8444 / 3985 Feather River Trip 4/1991

Copper Canyon 3 Chris the Bartender. 4/1991

Copper Canyon 2 when we were halted by the worst rain storm in Sinaloa's history and how I drank that trip away. 12/1990

To the East Coast for the First Time: Desert Wind, Boardway Limited, Night Owl, Lakeshore Limited, Silver Star, Sliver Meteor, Cardinal and Southwest Chief. 7/1990

A Trip to the Snow at the Izaak Walton Inn 3/1989

Destination Nacozari 9/1988

My third trip to the Izaak Walton Inn. 6/1988

Bosque de Chihuahua and where I was engineer for a few minutes.5/1988

Travel on a train from the U.S.A through Mexico to the U.S.A. 4/1988

Mojave Circle Soledad Canyon and Cajon. 1/17/1988

Copper Canyon 1 First Contact - The Three Amigos. 12/1987

A slow trip on the Eureka Southern 9/1987

My second trip to the Izaak Walton Inn 7/1987

The Ghost Train of Old Ely 5/1987

Come ride my first Canadian Train ride: Expo 86 plus the first Empire Builder trips along with the Pioneer, California Zephyr and San Joaquin routes as well as the Izaak Walton Inn. 7/1986

The Narrow Gauge Adventure - Trips on the Durango and Sliverton R.R. and the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic R.R. 7/1985

Cushenbury Caravan 5/4/1985

The Desert Scout 11/1984

S.P. 4449 West World Fair Daylight Phoenix to Los Angeles 6/1984

Take a ride as I learned to be a fireman on the Sumpter Valley Railroad 8/1984

San Diego Metroliner - first southbound run.4/1984

The First Mexican Train trips To Puerto Penasco including losing a friend in Mexico! 4/1984

First Palmdale Cutoff Excursion 10/23/1983.

Spirit of California Last northbound run.9/1883

The McCloud River Railroad Trips 9/9/1983

Ride the Rio Grande Zephyr: San Joaquin, City of San Francisco, RGZ, Pioneer trip and the Desert Wind. 3/1983

Union Pacific 3985 First Excursion The Pyro Express 8/1982

I became a Pioneer: Coast Starlight, Pioneer and Desert Wind.

To Bothel and back on the Coast Starlight.12/1980

The Long Distance Trip that started it all off. 3/1980