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The Caboose Motel 5/19-5/21/2010

by Chris Guenzler

Randy and I pulled into the Caboose Motel in Titusville.

View of the Caboose Motel from Perry Street.

We got the B&O Caboose 1009 for our two night stay.

View of the B&O Caboose we would be staying in.

There's a work station with Wireless Internet in each caboose.

The bed I slept in for our two night stay.

Table and lamp by each bed in the caboose.

The bed Randy used.

The two bay windows in this caboose. There is a waterfall shower and a coffee marker in each caboose. Now let's take a walk around the Caboose Motel.

Outside there is a deck to enjoy the outside air on.

Wabash Caboose.

Western Maryland Caboose.

Baltimore & Ohio Caboose.

Nickel Plate Road Caboose.

Erie-Lackawanna Caboose.

Conrail Caboose.

Penn Central Caboose.

Chesapeake & Ohio Caboose.

Oil Creek & Titusville

Shawmut Line Caboose.

Delaware & Hudson Caboose.

Baltimore & Ohio Caboose.

New York Central Caboose.

Erie Caboose.

Illinois Central Caboose.

Bessemer Caboose.

Western Maryland Caboose.

Pennsylvania Caboose.

Reading Caboose.

Oil Creek & Titusville Caboose.

The Caboose Motel Office who did our laundry for free for us.

Our B&O Caboose on the left and the Oil Creek & Titusville Railroad Station which is the shortest distance I have ever stayed from a motel room to a train station. The Caboose Motel is a great place to stay and to make reservations call 800-827-0690. Now to take our trip on the Oil Creek & Titusville Railroad.